10 Creative Ways to Use Door Hangers for Branding

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Door hangers are famous for the do-not-disturb sign in hotels, however there's more to a door hanger when you're thinking outside the box. Check out these innovative door hanger uses and strategies and try the one that you like best.

In some cultures, leaving a tie or piece of clothing on the door is supposed to send a message to anyone planning to get in the room. In a hospitality environment, a door hanger is the traditional communication channel between guests and the maintenance staff.

At 4OVER4.COM, we know our creative customers like to think out of the box and find new uses for standard printing products. So, here are 10 unexpected ways door hangers can help you implement new branding strategies.

Image Credit: Nicole Standard on Behance http://bit.ly/10vMyYB
Image Credit: Nicole Standard on Behance http://bit.ly/10vMyYB

1. Promote Health Standards

An eye catching door hanger could be the best way to remember restroom users to wash their hands. It could also be placed around food courts or fast food restaurants to promote a hand sanitizer. Use statistics and quick facts to get people’s attention. Shocking messages are likely to be more effective if they relate to a present task.

2. Promote a Relaxed Corporate Environment

Creating a relaxed, fun work environment is the ultimate motto of some of the most successful companies around the world. You can easily turn your office into that kind of enjoyable place with a little help from door hangers. All you have to do, is create a few fun messages and let your workers use them as needed.

For example, “my sandwich has a secret ingredient only I can digest… stay away!” for the office fridge, “If the boss asks, I’m in the restroom” for the desks or simply “Videoconference, keep your voice down.” As you can see, it’s all about sending basic messages in an entertaining manner. No doors? Hang them on desk lamps and other unusual places.

3. Create a Scavenger Hunt Campaign

Use door hangers to leave clues that lead to your business. If they are engaging enough, people will be curious to know where they lead and want to share the experience with their friends. Try making a connection between the place where the promotional item will be found and your business.

Let’s say you own a coffee shop at a mall, your goal will be getting shoppers to want your products. So you can promote them as the perfect break, as an energy booster to continue the shopping spree or as the perfect way to finish a fun day. Leave them at the doors of the local businesses and office buildings, drop them with a free coffee at the front desk if they don’t let you in -chances are they’ll pass em’ around.

4. Design Flirty Fitting Rooms Door Hangers

Some stores will give you a door hanger with the number of clothing pieces you are taking into the fitting rooms. As a brand or store owner, you can take this opportunity to increase awareness. How? Try including flattering messages as door hangers. For example, “I’ll bet those look great on you” or “What a nice color” messages. They do not need to be accurate or personalized, it is just about getting customers in a good mood and encourage them to spend more time in your establishment.

5. Foster Corporate Culture

Having a strong team with a sense of corporate belonging is the first step towards a successful customer service strategy. Promote corporate awareness by using door hangers with company facts, employees’ personal details, company objectives and any other information that you consider important for your staff to be familiar with.

It is an interactive way for employees to get to know each other, for the company to share their beliefs and even for rules and regulations display. The ubiquitous hangers will help you reinforce messages in a non-intrusive way.

6. Original Giveaways

Brands usually have a target persona defined. Which means, they know exactly the kind of person who would purchase their product. Such information allows them to design a giveaway that their customers will surely enjoy. Include a door hanger in a prize or swag package, bear in mind that it would likely be placed in your client’s home, print an appealing design and catchy phrase. Your goal is to have those items hanging around, where potential friends of your existing customers will be exposed to your brand.

7. Unique Greetings

When it comes to surprises, leaving a note at someone’s door ranks as a pretty good idea. Whether you are a greeting card retailer or want to order a personalized present, consider a set of door hangers to give a twist to the traditional card. Create some for romantic occasions, birthdays, graduation days, job promotions and any other memorable moment to celebrate. Try this cheeky version with different languages if you are located in multicultural neighborhood.

innovative door hanger
Image Credit: Henry L on Behance   http://bit.ly/1slwC2K


8. Teaser Campaigns Linked to a Website

Given the importance of social media and website traffic in today’s marketing, more products keep trying to drive customers from print items to their digital domains.

Leave an unanswered question or incomplete photo as a door hanger and add a QR code or social media address where customers can find the answer. This is not hard to accomplish and chances are customers will browse around your website and recommend it to their friends.

9.Seasonal Decorations

Let’s face it, decorating a house for the holidays is not for everyone. Plus, there’s the unwanted cleaning afterwards. A seasonal door hanger may be more than enough for those minimalistic enthusiasts. You can create different designs for each room and get into the holiday spirit. It’s the custom print, trouble free version of more complex decorative projects.

10. Promote a Cause

Now that we have established door hangers instant eye grabbers, why not use them to promote a good cause? They can be distributed in different places and appeal a wide range of people. Just make sure to include a call to action. Ask people to donate, join as volunteers or simply spread the word.

One of the great advantages of custom printing is that you can adapt it to whatever you need. Which is great when you need unique promotional products to get potential customers to take a second look.

Don’t miss the opportunity to stand out using an innovative print product. Go to our door hangers catalogue and enjoy 30% OFF today!

Will you let us know how it goes?



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