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    remittance envelopes

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    Asking for money is not easy but sometimes we have no other alternative than to do so. But what’s even worse than asking for money is doing so and not reaching those financial goals. Whether you’re a church, non- profit organization or a political candidate, Remittance Envelopes will significantly increase your chances for success in fundraising because they look professional and this conveys your legitimacy to whoever considers backing up your project.Furthermore Remittance Envelopes will help you communicate all the vital information regarding your fundraising efforts including contact information, a brief summary of your initiative and suggested donation amounts. You can order today at minimums as low as 250 and you'll receive your delivery within 7 days.
    remittance envelopes

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    Available Paper Types:

    • White Wove


    Great value for my money

    I needed remittance envelopes for a donation campaign. I was unsure about the quality of these envelopes, so I ordered a free proof to make sure they look professional. I received an online proof and make the order with these guys. 4over4 remittance envelopes come in two popular sizes and are printed on white wove paper.

    Laura S. , Apr 24 2017


    Excels in customer service

    I ordered 10,000 remittance envelopes to boost my fundraising efforts. I can now say that 4over4 excels in customer service. This is the first time I've truly experienced it, having the opportunity of taking advantage of customer service of such a high caliber. 4over really did wow me! I'm very grateful for their hard work and attention to detail. I highly recommended this company! .

    Sean K, Feb 22 2017