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car magnets

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How to Order Car Magnets

To order car magnets, begin by choosing your preferred size and shape that matches your needs. You can either design your magnets online using customization tools or upload your pre-made design directly onto the product page. Once your design is finalized, proceed to place your order. This process ensures your car magnets will be personalized to your specifications and ready for use.

How to Make Car Magnets

Making car magnets starts with two main approaches. If you prefer to design online, you can use an online designer and start from scratch or select an existing template to customize. For those who wish to use their preferred software, you can download a blank template from the product page, design your magnet using tools like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, and then upload your final design. This method provides flexibility in customizing your car magnets precisely to your branding or personal needs.

car magnets

Car Magnets: Advertising 24/7

Get full time advertising effortlessly with your own, fully customized business car magnets printed with your company's logo, slogan and colors. With this easy-to-apply and repositionable marketing asset, you'll be able to turn every company car into a moving advertising piece. Even when your car is parked at home, you'll still be providing brand awareness to the whole neighbourhood without moving an inch.

With a history that dates back 4,000 years, magnets have become a reliable marketing asset for a variety of industries trying to engage with their target audience. Take a road trip and expand your brand awareness to new audiences near your home town, or go for a short ride on weekends for pleasure and boost your marketing results after business hours. You can't go wrong with car magnet printing.

With your new, fully customizable Business Car Magnets, you'll get a high-quality 30mil magnet featuring your one of a kind design. Choose from a variety of sizes ranging from 9' x 9'' all the way up to 24''x 36''. Additionally, your magnet will be finished with a Hi Gloss UV Coating for a stunning look and optional rounded corners. At only $47.50 for two magnets, there's no reason why you shouldn't be taking advantage of these moving billboards.

Easy to Apply, Remove and Reposition

For small to medium sized businesses looking for effective ways to advertise their goods and services, magnets that can easily be applied to car doors are the perfect tool to complement other marketing strategies. These magnets can be removed and repositioned effortlessly. With 18 sizes to choose from and featuring your one-of-a-kind design, custom printed magnets are easy to apply. Simply follow these instructions:

  • After selecting the flat, smooth surface of your choice, go ahead and wipe it clean with mild soap and water, then dry.
  • Keep your magnet at room temperature as it is easier to handle.
  • Apply to metallic surface and smooth out to get rid of all air pockets.
  • Clean the magnet and the car's surface weekly with mild soap.

Tips for Marketing with Business Car Magnets

  • Turn your car into a mobile billboard: Jazz up your vehicle with an attention-grabbing branded magnet and drive around town. You'll be seen by thousands of potential customers without taking time away from other tasks!
  • Maximize the use of your business' delivery vans or trucks by transforming them into rolling advertisements: Just add your logo, tagline, website and contact information to the magnet design and place it on the driver's side door or van exterior.
  • Every business can use them: Restaurants, retail stores of any kind, real estate companies, campaigns for good causes, political candidates, health and beauty brands, IT services, recruiting agencies, contractors and basically any other business you can think of can come up with a cool-looking, head-turning advertising design to place on their car.

4,000 Years of History and Still Sticking Around

Do you know how magnets were discovered? The story goes that a Greek shepherd from Crete called Magnes accidentally came across this material while herding his sheep in an area called Magnesia in ancient Greece. Legend has it that the nails in his shoes and the metal rod from his herding staff suddenly stuck onto a large, black rock.

He dug into the earth to find the source of this apparent magic and found lodestones containing what we refer to today as Magnetite, a natural magnetic material. It's still not clear if that name derives from the area where it was found, Magnesia, or Magnes himself. Either way, and just like Isaac Newton, scientific discoveries tend to be born out of sheer luck, don't they?

Today, magnets are common everywhere in the world. Food deliveries, veterinarians, taxi services, plumbers and countless others count on magnets to communicate to potential customers and increase their brand recognition. Where there's a metallic surface, there's a branding possibility.

As You Like It

With 4OVER4.COM's user friendly instant price calculator, you'll be able to make your custom selections and upload your personal design, so that we can make it come to life. You can order a Free Online Proof to check for any errors to ensure a flawless end result.

Order your new Business Car Magnets today. Here are some other products you might also like:

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Material 30mil magnet White Vinyl Permanent 17pt indoor magnet Flexible Floor Vinyl
Min. Size 9" x 9" 2" x 5" 2" x 3.5" 12" x 12"
Turnaround Time Same day to 4 business days Same day to 5 business days Same day to 5 business days Same day to 3 business days


- Are these car magnets durable?

- Their UV coating gives them the durability they need to stand up to the outdoor elements, whether it's sun, rain, sleet or snow.

- How quick can you make them?

- You can get them quickly with our same day turnaround option.

- Can I use them on any kind of vehicle?

- Of course! Our wide selection of sizes will allow you to place them on any small or medium sized car, and even trucks!

- What's the minimum amount of units I can order?

- The minimum starting order is 2 magnets.

Important Artwork Notice!

Lays flat on the surface.

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Nov 01 2022

absolutely awesome
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Jun 17 2022

This company is absolutely amazing.
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Oct 20 2021

Hey why not make one to advertise your business while driving around doing daily things.

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