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    Metallic Bookmarks

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    Important Artwork Notice!

    With Metallic Accent products, a.k.a WonderFoil, you can turn a wide range of CMYK colors, into multi-colored foils. When doing a metallic postcard, sticker, business card, etc., a foil mask must be created and uploaded with your full color CMYK file. The file for the "metallic" mask MUST ONLY be black and white (100% Black).

    100% Black in the areas you want the foil, and white (0%) in the areas you do not want the foil. Click for more info.

    Available Paper Types:

    • 16pt Gloss Cover
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    Thoroughly Impressed

    I had the pleasure of ordering metallic bookmarks from and I must say, I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of the product. The metallic finish on the bookmarks adds an elegant touch, making them stand out from traditional paper bookmarks. The ordering process was a breeze, and the customer service team was incredibly helpful in answering my questions. The bookmarks arrived quickly and were packaged securely to ensure they arrived in pristine condition.

    Lucas, Mar 27 2023