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Custom Shape Hang Tags

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Hang tags are fixed labels with information about your product or brand. They are customarily attached to each unit of product (usually a clothing product) and often sturdier than usual labels.

Buyers will often choose a product with tags over tagless alternatives. This preference is because tagged products are considered more aesthetically pleasing, and buyers sometimes see tagged products as superior.

Custom-shaped tags give you all the benefits mentioned earlier plus the advantage of uniquely standing out from the competition. You’d be doing your business lots of good to include custom-shaped prints on appropriate products. 

Besides the function of helping your products look good and sell more, they can be handy as they can also:

  • Improve your brand recognition when they display your logo or brand name
  • Serve promotional or marketing needs and thus increase sales when they carry promotional codes or special discount offers.
  • Carry pertinent instructions regarding the product’s care or usage
  • List product information such as the size, variant, or composition

Hang Tag Shapes

Until now, printing unique custom tags wasn't easy. You had limited hang tag shapes, such as squares, circles, and rectangles. Although these generically shaped tags served their basic purpose, they didn’t help amplify your uniqueness or your brand’s message. And choosing any shape variants come with the technicalities of dielines that the average person is unfamiliar with.

Due to these limitations, we have introduced 80 professionally shaped custom trims in our gallery. With that, you can easily select a shape and apply your artwork in just one click or apply these trims when designing from scratch using our powerful online design tool. 

These trims provide 80 of the most desired shapes to ensure you do not waste undue time on your designs and that your product gets the special reception they deserve.

Print Your Own Custom Shape Hang Tags Online at 4over4

4OVER4.COM is the internet’s most reliable printing service provider. We offer the same-day printing service with numerous customizations to fit your particular printing needs. Whether you want round hang tags custom printing, or other shapes printing, it doesn't matter - we’ve got you covered. You can order in 5 easy steps: 

Visit our product page.

  1. Select your desired trim or shape.
  2. Next, choose other customizations such as the size, paper type, or hole drilling style.
  3. Proceed to upload your artwork to complete your order. Select “Create your design online” to design your artwork using our online design tool 
  4. Lastly, choose your preferred delivery method.

Outsell your competitors when you print your custom shape hang tags on 4OVER4.COM


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