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Get Creative with Tip-on Printing:

Tip-on printing, fugitive glue is a special adhesive that allows you to stick pieces together without affecting the base print, leaving no residue behind and protecting both pieces from tear, smudges and smears. The glue is strong enough to withstand handle yet flexible enough to easily rip off the attachment.
You may recognize fugitive glue from the envelopes holding credit cards in place from your local financial institution, on gift card holders and on the back of the plastic card that holds a new sim card. This robust adhesive is versatile enough to work on paper, different thickness cardstock and plastic without losing its grip on the add-on.
And now makes it available for your own campaigns. With fugitive glue you elevate your marketing efforts, increase your brand’s perceived value and convey a high-end, professional look. What’s not to love?

Try Tip-on Printing Using:

  • Gift Cards and Gift Card Holders
  • Postcards
  • Credit Cards
  • Small Samples or Add Ons
  • Magazine Inserts
  • Any plastic card attached to a base
  • Creative folds (think brochures, invitations or innovative cards)
tip on printing

Because the tip-on printing process and glue is designed to protect your print, it can be used for more than simply attaching one piece to another; you can create custom shaped pieces that stick together at angles or in the middle, think of gated brochures, custom-made business cards, folded flyers and invitations.

Marketing with Tip-on Printing:

Fugitive glue is a great way to breath new life into old or existing marketing strategies, simply attach a gift certificate or coupon to get more traction with a promo, design new ones where the both prints complement each other, show a before and after or simply provide a sample of your latest product. Starting out? Use the fugitive glue to print introductory brochures, flyers or really interesting business cards with little add-ons that represent your brand.

tip on printing

More Than Business:

Be the talk of the town spicing up your next event, be it a bachelorette party or a birth announcement giving out Invitations, Postcards, Folded Cards or Flyers with a small token of your appreciation attached. You can add anything from a gift card to a sophisticated black and white photograph as keepsakes using fugitive glue. Thinking it’s too heavy? If you don’t know if fugitive glue/tip-on printing is right for you, contact us and we will be delighted to assist you.

More Than Business:

How To Order:

Because tip-on printing produces highly customized pieces you can get a custom quote for your project emailing us at Our team will provide you with precise information regarding size, weight and provide expert insight into possible glued on folds and more. If you’re worried about weight or materials, our representatives will gladly explore your options and advice on the best way to use this powerful adhesive to your advantage. Ready? Email to get a custom quote and start your project!

How To Order:

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We Match Your Best Offer by 110%!


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