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Gloss Laminated Trading Cards

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How to order Gloss-Laminated Trading Cards

To order gloss-laminated trading cards, start by choosing your preferred card style and size from the product options. Next, utilize an online design tool to either upload your existing design or create a new one directly on the platform. Once your design is set, review your design, finalize your order details such as quantity and shipping options, and place your order. This process ensures a personalized and professional finish for your trading cards.

How to make Gloss-Laminated Trading Cards

Making gloss-laminated trading cards involves two main steps. First, you can use an online designer tool to start your design from scratch or select from an existing template to customize. Alternatively, download a blank template and edit it using your preferred software to add personal or professional design elements. Once your design is ready, you should print your cards on high-quality card stock and apply a gloss laminate finish for durability and a polished look.

gloss laminated trading cards

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Jeff J. Ramsey

Dec 22 2020

These definitely increase the value of trading cards because they're so different from what we're all used to seeing.
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John V.

Dec 22 2020

I love the glossy, shiny look and finish.
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Margaret B.

Dec 22 2020

There is no better card to represent a business trademark better than these.

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