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How to Order Magnetic Notepads

To order magnetic notepads, first, choose your preferred notepad size and magnetic strength. Next, you have the option to either design online with available tools or upload your own custom design. Finally, review your design, confirm the quantity, and place your order. This streamlined process ensures you receive personalized magnetic notepads tailored to your specifications, perfect for promotions, gifts, or personal use.

How to Make Magnetic Notepads

Making magnetic notepads starts with a good design. You can either use an online designer tool to start from scratch or choose from existing templates to add your personal touch. Alternatively, download a blank template and use your preferred software to create your design. Once your design is ready, print it onto the notepad sheets, and affix a magnetic strip to the back of the pad. This process allows for customization and creativity, ensuring your magnetic notepads stand out.

magnetic notepads

Magnetic Notepads for Better Branding


Do you want your brand to be top-of-mind? Give 4OVER4.COM's professionally printed magnetic notepads a try! This dynamic tool gives your brand the effective marketing it needs!

Since custom magnetic pads can be placed on filing cabinets or fridges, you can boost brand visibility in a way that doesn't feel like advertising. Just personalize them with your logo, and you'll give your customers a freebie that they'll actually use… And your brand will be at their fingertips!

You can print custom notepads here at 4OVER4.COM and use them as corporate giveaways or distribute them to your staff members for internal use. We use lightweight 70# uncoated text paper for its excellent writability for notepads containing 25 sheets. Our magnetic pads are backed with a high strength .030" magnet, so you don't have to worry about it falling off your file cabinet or refrigerator. They'll always keep your brand top-of-mind with customers!

Enhanced Brand Recognition

Making your name memorable to a consumer is a daunting task considering the amount of competition in the marketplace. Luckily, when you decide to print promotional items like custom magnetic notepads, you open the door to numerous ways to build your brand. Here are a few benefits of notepad magnets:

  • By handing them out, you win over your customers, prospects and whoever you meet.
  • Not only will you enjoy more responses than before, you'll also enjoy enhanced brand recognition.
  • Magnetic pads are extremely practical, affordable and the most effective way to grab that recognition that your brand has long been yearning for.
  • The info you feature will remain fresh in the minds of customers for a long time as they see them on a daily basis.
  • Promotional writing pads not only deliver impressions about your business, they also let customers manage their affairs proficiently.

Not Just for Branding

Need a shopping list or To-Do list that doesn't accidentally end up in the trash can? Sick of your kids leaving you notes on crumpled up pieces of paper? These customized pads can be stuck to the fridge door for an easy and instant reminder. Why not get a couple of notepads imprinted with your kid's own artwork to hand out as Christmas gifts? This tool is extremely versatile!

Must-Follow Design Tips

Your design should work to build your brand image and set your business apart from your competitors. These must-follow design tips will help you do just that:

  • Make It Eye-Catching - Your notepads will be handed out at trade shows, events, as promotional tools and much more, so you want to make sure that they instantly grab the attention of anyone whose eyes pass over them. Use vivid colors, stunning images and creative themes to accomplish this.
  • Leave Plenty of Space - It's crucial that your pad can be used for its intended purpose. Leave plenty of space for jotting sketches, notes and diagrams. Include all the necessary details such as logo, organization name, address, contact info, etc. A header and a footer are all you need on your notepad - try to leave everything in between blank!
  • Add Value - Even though your brand colors and logo should be prominent in your design, you can also add value to your notepads by making them even more useful. Include a brief checklist, a monthly sales calendar, a relevant conversion chart or other device to help you stand out.

Fun Facts

Have you ever wondered where and how notepads came into existence? Wonder no more! Here at 4OVER4.COM, we love notebooks so much that we wanted to share a few facts about their history with you.

  • Did You Know, during the 17th and 18th century, notebooks were made at home by hand simply by folding large pieces of paper in half, gathering them and then binding them together? In fact, making and keeping notebooks was such a relevant information management strategy that kids learned how to do it at school.
  • Did You Know Thomas W. Holley of Holyoke from the United States invented the legal pad back in 1888, according to a legend? He had the innovative idea of collecting substandard scraps of paper from different factories and stitching them together. This way, he could sell them at a fair price. That's good business!
  • Did You Know the pad evolved into the modern legal pad when a judge demanded that a margin be drawn on the paper in the year 1900? This was the first legal pad ever! Notepads, writing pads, notebooks and legal pads have certainly evolved!

Endless Customization Options

Notepads magnetically attached to an office refrigerator, filing cabinet or magnetic whiteboard offer visual reinforcement of your brand image every single time someone uses them. Whether you need personalized magnetic notepads to be used as corporate holiday gifts, to market your startup with a personal touch, to use as Save the Dates or to help your loyal customers stay organized, customize them with 4OVER4.COM's endless options featured below:

  • Printed on 70# uncoated text paper.
  • Backed with a high strength .030" magnet.
  • 3 popular sizes to choose from.
  • 25 sheets per pad.
  • Choose from subtle black ink or vibrant four color printing.
  • 2 proof options to ensure you love your prints.
  • Ready in 2 to 7 days!

Get on the Fast Track to Success

Get on the fast track to success with 4OVER4.COM's fast print turnaround times and low minimums! Our magnetic pads can be ordered in quantities ranging from 25 to 5,000 prints. Just build your order using our Instant Price Calculator and specify whether you'd like a free online proof or a next day hard copy proof. In a rush? Order today and get them with 2 day turnaround

- just in time for that last minute trade show or exclusive store event! Not in a rush? Order today and get them in a week!

Ready to place your order? First, take a look at the comparison chart featured below. This chart lists 4OVER4.COM's coveted Office Essentials collection. Perhaps you may also be interested in standard Notepads or Post Its.

Magnetic Notepads Notepads Post Its
Size 3 standard sizes 5 standard sizes 3 standard sizes

Material 70# Uncoated Text 70# Uncoated Text White Post it Paper

Turnaround Time 2 to 7 business days 2 to 7 business days 8 business days

Min and Max Quantity 25 to 5,000 25 to 5,000 500 to 5,000

Make a lasting marketing impressions with professionally printed magnetic notepads from 4OVER4.COM! Order yours today! We're devoted to creating print marketing tools that impress.


Below find frequently asked questions regarding this promo product:

1. What's the minimum quantity of sheets per pad you offer?

The minimum quantity of sheets is 25.

2. Do you produce notepads in different sizes?

Yes, we offer 3 popular sizes including 4" x 5," 4" x 8" and 3.5" x 8.5."

3. What paper types do you offer?

At the moment, we only offer one paper type. Our notepads with a magnetic backing are printed on 70# uncoated text.

4. Do you print in full color or black ink?

Yes, our pads are custom printed in full color or black ink. Choose between 4 colors on one side or black ink on one side.

5. What's the ordering process?

Build your order using our Instant Price Calculator. Select size, quantity, paper type, ink color, sheets per pad, proof option, turnaround time and upload your design. You will then receive a free online proof or a next day hard copy proof. Once approved, your project will go into production.

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Nov 06 2019

The notepads are beautiful and quality. I ordered them for an upcoming marketing fair and this company really delivered. It was quick and smooth placing an order and uploading my design. They only have one paper type though, but you get to choose from three sizes. The customer support team are also really knowledgeable about the product and my package was shipped fast. Clients loved receiving them and my boss was impressed. Keep up the amazing job!
user avatar

Allan K.

Nov 08 2019

We ordered a number of magnetic notepads for our staff members as part of our holiday gift hamper. Several months later and the notepads still look so good and still stick firmly to the fridge or cabinet. Many of them comment on how functional they have been at home and in the workplace. The overall product is professional looking, the company logo and tagline stand out and we left plenty of space for notes. As they have been so popular we shall definitely be back to order some more. Thanks, 4over4.
user avatar


Dec 02 2019

The whole process was quick and smooth. I was able to put in my specifications, upload my design and later on approve my design. My package arrived in two days and everything was exactly as ordered. Good job!

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