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How to order Flex-Frame Signs

To order Flex-Frame Signs, first, select your preferred size and material options. You can either design your sign online using a customizable template or upload your own design file. Once your design is finalized, simply place your order through the sign printing company's website, ensuring to review your design's specifications closely before confirming.

How to make Flex-Frame Signs

Making Flex-Frame Signs involves two primary methods. You can use an online designer tool to start your design from scratch or select an existing template to customize. Alternatively, download a blank template and use your preferred software (like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop) to edit and create your design. This process allows for flexibility in design and ensures your final product meets your specific marketing and informational needs.

flex frame signs

Wind Resistant Flex Frame Signs

Blow them away without blowing away, with heavy-wind resistant Flex Frame Signs -up to 60 mph- that stand out with your unique print with the same or different artwork on both sides. Flex Frame Signs also known as flex frame springer are a small business’ best friend, especially for locations that are predisposed to bad weather since they're not only sturdy, but also printed on 10mm corrugated plastic. 

Advertise to your hearts content with no fears of torrential downpours and high winds wreaking havoc on your day with the custom printed Flex Frame sign sidewalk sign. 

Small businesses need to have a wide variety of marketing tools at their disposal. The Flex Frame sign sign that is completely customizable is a must have addition to traditional vinyl banners, flyers, postcards and menus. Weighing only 20 lbs, the personalized Flex Frame sign can be placed in front of your store with little effort.

It’s in the Details

What makes the Flex Frame Sign so amazing? A lot! First, let’s discuss the fact that it can withstand winds up to 60 mph; now that’s amazing! This modern looking sidewalk sign is constructed of sturdy powder coated black metal with heavy duty springs that bounce back to defeat the winds relentless attacks.

This sleek sidewalk sign has a convenient top entry slot to slide one double sided sign printed with either identical or unique messages on either side for full exposure. Signs are made of 10mm corrugated plastic and printed to your specifications.

With the customized Flex Frame sign sidewalk sign, you never have to worry about needing extra ballast because the coils allow it to spring back. Thankfully, you can say goodbye to having to pick up your sidewalk sign off the ground every time a storm blows in!

Businesses Served

Any small business will benefit from the use of a personalized Flex Frame sign sidewalk sign. Positioned at just the right angle, these signs will get pedestrians from every direction stopping into your store to see what the buzz is about. Here are some of the businesses who typically implement sidewalk signage into their advertising campaign. Take a look:

Cafes, Restaurants, Bakeries - List your signature drinks and dishes. Offer free samples of your latest desserts. Announce deals like a free coffee, tea or soft drink with every meal purchased.

Car Washes - Advertise your early bird special or late night deal. List your various services and specialties, like hand car wash or detailing.

Boutiques, Gift Shops - There’s nothing better for declaring a seasonal sale, promoting new exclusive products or announcing free giveaways with every purchase.

Salons, Spas - Flex Frame sign signs are perfect for listing services like cut, color, manicure, pedicure and basic facials.

Gyms - Want to increase your clients during the winter months, employ the help of a custom sidewalk sign to encourage people to join at a fraction of the regular membership cost. You can also promote new exercise classes.

Realtors - With so many realty agencies in every town, advertising becomes a must! Flex Frame signs are an essential for advertising your services from home sales, apartment rentals to perfect summer getaway cottages.

Gas Stations - These days your local gas station has also become your convenience store. Sidewalk signs are a necessary tool to advertise anything from oil changes to cases of water to cigarettes to coffee and a donut.

Make an Impact

Where advertising is concerned, the rule of thumb is usually “less is more”. If you want to attract a new customer, you only have a limited time frame to do so. That being said, you need to strike with a call to action that is meaningful to your target customer.

Unless you are employing a customized Flex Frame sign sign to list your goods and services, you want to keep your words to a minimum and use a captivating image. Make sure your CTA has a powerful word that will compel passersby to act on your offer.

Below are a list of popular words that get consumers excited about spending their hard earned cash. Check them out:

Using the word Free is a sure way to get new customers walking through your doors. Whether it’s free samples, a free drink with dinner or a free manicure with every deluxe pedicure, people will want to come in and take advantage of your offerings.

Did you know that the word Because is powerful for advertising your goods and services? Next time you want to draw more foot traffic into your store, give passersby a compelling reason why they should come inside. “Come in for a rejuvenating facial because you’re worth it!”.

The word New represents a fresh start, and who doesn’t like the promise of that! For the consumer, incorporating the word Newis always a win. Whether you are announcing a “new and improved” product or inviting diners to enjoy eating al fresco in your “new tuscan inspired veranda”, that simple word will reel them in with the allure of being the first to experience what you have to offer.

Make the CTA as personal as possible. By using the word You, small businesses can address their target customer as an individual and make them feel special. An example of this could be “Organic Juice Bar - We’ve got what you crave!”.

We live in a digital time where immediate gratification is king, so it only makes sense that we want things not tomorrow but Now. Use of the word Now in your sidewalk sign message will greatly impact its effectiveness. “Now for a limited time only, buy one get one free cotton Ts”.

From city streets to quaint small towns, Flex Frame sign sidewalk signs featuring your logo and custom message are an integral part of your marketing strategy. Get noticed and gain foot traffic by making an offer that pedestrians can’t refuse.

At 4OVER4.COM, we have made it our mission to bring small businesses the tools they need to succeed and stay competitive. Our line of custom printed Flex Frame sign sidewalk signs is a dynamic, all weather alternative to sandwich boards of the past.

To learn more about our Flex Frame sign, simply call 718-932-2700 and speak to an experienced member of our customer support team. We can also be reached via email, We look forward to working with you.

Thanks for choosing 4OVER4.COM!

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Louise S.

Mar 01 2017

Since I live in Chicago, aka “the windy city,” I always order flex frame signs from different printing firms to meet my marketing needs because these customizable sidewalk signs can withstand winds up to 60 mph. Last January, I placed an order with 4over4 and I’m really happy with the results. I’m thrilled with their customer service and product quality! Totally recommended!