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How to Order Buckslips

To order buckslips, begin by selecting your preferred buckslip options such as size, paper type, and quantity. You can then design your buckslips online using a design tool or upload an existing design file directly. Once your design is finalized, review your order specifics and proceed to place your order through the printing company’s checkout process.

How to Make Buckslips

Creating buckslips starts with designing your layout. You can use an online designer to start from scratch or choose from existing templates to customize. For more control over the design, download a blank buckslip template and edit it with your preferred software like Adobe InDesign or Photoshop. This allows for more detailed customization, ensuring your buckslips meet your specific needs.


Promote Your Business with Affordable and Powerful Buckslips

“Pass the buck!” “Slip me a buck!” Perhaps these phrases eventually led to the name ‘buckslip,’ which refers to a printed sales or marketing sheet that typically measures at 4” x 9” or smaller. When they first appeared in mail packages, they were about the size of the US dollar bill, which calls to the mind the buck/dollar connection. Buckslips date back to the 40s. They are now a bit larger than the standard US dollar bill.

The buckslip’s origins include the military, where routing slips were used to send orders. Harry Truman’s famous “the buck stops here” motto might also cross your mind when you hear the name. One thing’s for sure—they grab your attention just like currency (and it pays to use them).

Regardless of its name and origin, the buckslip has long been a valuable promotional tool. Commonly used to advertise an offer or sale in a direct mailing, these convenient tools are generally dollar-sized, and conveniently fit inside an envelope. This means they can be sent along as promotional items with your store mailings, receipts, greeting cards, statements, contracts, and so much more. If you are planning a major sale, product launch, or brand awareness campaign, buckslips might be your calling card.

Buckslip Printing for Your Business

Buckslips have a wealth of uses and customizations. You can choose from three distinct finishes: uncoated, glossy, and silk-matte. For an extra pump of pizzazz, opt for rounded corners. And with available perforation and UV coating, you’re sure to stand out in a competitive crowd.

At 4OVER4, you are limited only by your imagination. Buckslips are great for:

  • Promotional Campaigns
  • Limited-Time Discounts
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Voucher Giveaways and Raffles
  • Event Tickets
  • And much more!

Custom Buckslip Printing from 4OVER4

Want to get your own? We provide a range of printing options for your convenience. If you just want a one-sided buckslip, no problem. And, of course, if you want two-sided, four-color design, we can do that too. To make a distinctive mark, consider the following tips for making your personalized buckslips really stand out:

  • Include a timely offer: If proximity is power in sales then urgency is currency in marketing. Try including a time-sensitive offer to drive more purchase interest. The longer people wait, the less likely they are to buy. So give them a deadline and spur action.
  • Choose high gloss UV coating: Gloss is the boss, even in a matte-loving, modern day world. Gloss catches lights and eyes like no other. And our high-gloss UV coating is no different.
  • Showcase your best testimonials: Social and peer proof is invaluable when it comes to marketing. Potential customers tend to trust their peers more than companies. Include some of your latest customer testimonials on your buckslip to communicate your value and share customer satisfaction.
  • Focus on solutions: If your business is like most, you are here to make lives better. Whether you sell products or provide services (or both), it pays to focus on solutions to problems, rather than the problems themselves. A buckslip is the perfect medium for showcasing your skills and expertise as a problem solver.

Whether you want to encourage new purchases, promote a holiday sale, or raise brand awareness, buckslip printing is the perfect vehicle to promote your products and services. And with so many other uses, you'll always find buckslips to be a great and handy resource for your various projects.

At 4OVER4, we offer 100# Gloss Text and 70# uncoated text, in sizes 3.5" x 8.5" and 4" x 9" and quantities starting at 25 and up to 100,000 prints. View our Instant Price Calculator to see all the possibilities. Get amazing value with high-quality buckslip printing from 4OVER4 today.

Printing Buckslips for Branding and Marketing

Buckslips are convenient, dollar-sized print marketing materials that can amplify a message. You can pass them out at coffee shops, conferences, industry events, and fairs. And, of course, you can always send them out in the mail.

So why should you use buckslips?

  1. Accessible: Buckslips are simple and accessible. They are perfect for honing in on your core message. They’re small, yet big enough to pack a verbal punch. Whether promoting a website, advertising a store location, spreading awareness for a cause, or simply garnering more attention to your business, buckslips can get it done.
  2. Responsive: Direct marketing is a powerful medium. Buckslips make it easy for your audience to respond to a campaign and complete an action. Just be sure to give them a reason to reach out, along with all the necessary contact information.
  3. Get Attention: Less really is more. With custom buckslips from 4OVER4, you can really earn the attention you need to raise awareness and drive sales. Be selective with your words and meticulous with the design and you’re off to the races.

Say More with Custom Buckslips

It takes time and space to make an impact. Custom buckslips give you more room to tell your story and amplify your message. If you want to drive interest and action, buckslips are truly the way to go. Whether you choose buckslip printing on one side only or go for glorious full color on the front and back, our cards give you ample room to list your goods and services, promote a sale, or announce a personal achievement.

Are you looking for something (literally) a little more cutting edge? Die cutting can really take your business messages to the next level. Order professional printed die cut postcards from today!

And if you are ready to see what buckslips can do, start a design today and get a free online proof.

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