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How to order Roll Oval Labels

To order Roll Oval Labels, you'll first need to select your preferred label specifications, including size, material, and finish. Next, you can either design your labels online using a design tool or upload your own completed design directly on the label printing company's website. Once your design is finalized, proceed to place your order, specifying the quantity and any additional features or requirements you might have. The process is designed to be user-friendly, ensuring a seamless experience from design to delivery.

How to make Roll Oval Labels

Making Roll Oval Labels involves a couple of key steps, whether you're starting from scratch or using an existing label as a template. For a fully custom design, you can use an online designer, where you'll have the option to either start with a blank canvas or select a pre-existing template that closely matches your vision. If you prefer working with your preferred software, such as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, you can download a blank template from the printing company's website. This template can then be edited to your specifications, adding in text, logos, and other design elements as needed. This approach allows for a high level of customization, ensuring your roll oval labels meet your exact needs and branding requirements.

roll oval labels

Add a Unique Look to Your Products with Roll Oval Labels

Trying to add a touch of pizzazz to wedding favors? Looking for a distinctive shape for labeling your products? Professionally printed roll oval labels from 4OVER4.COM add a unique look to your design, products and projects! Add them to everything, from tins to boxes to invitations to save-the-dates. Common uses for oval labels include health and beauty product labels, candle labels, soap labels, wedding favor labels, gift box labels, special craft project labels and more. The possibilities are endless!

Stylish Roll Oval Labels for Just About Any Project

Take your project to the next level with personalized roll oval stickers that make your marketing collateral, products and mail correspondence appear high-end, while instantly increasing your brand's appeal! Whether you're considering this dynamic tool for your food product or upcoming business promotion, we have the expertise to achieve the look and feel you want. Order stylish oval labels from 4OVER4.COM today!

Product Specs

The advantage of the roll label lies in its longevity, the roll protects each label from creases, wear and tear, while making it easy to peel off and apply to the desired surface. Whether you need elegant custom roll oval labels for product information, seasonal greetings or wishes, to promote a sale or add to gift bags for exclusive events, you can easily make them your own with 4OVER4.COM's extensive printing options listed below:

  • Delivered in rolls, making them easy to apply on all kinds of surfaces, from paper to wood to metal to grass to frozen products.

  • Choose from white gloss paper for indoor use only or oil and water resistant white BOPP and clear BOPP.

  • Choice of an array of popular sizes.

  • Choose from 4 unwind positions and 3 optional laminations: silk, gloss and matte.

Minimums and Print Turnaround Times

Once you've chosen an eye-catching oval sticker design that meets your needs to the fullest, you can upload it onto our site using our Instant Price Calculator. With minimums as low as 100 prints and as high as 25 thousand, our coveted labels are ideal for both business use or special affairs. Choose 6 business day print turnaround times and enjoy free shipping. Additionally, select whether or not you'd like to see a free online proof to ensure a flawless end result! Once you have given us your approval, your project will go to print. It' that simple!

Whether for your business or for your next craft project, professionally printed roll oval labels from 4OVER4.COM are your next best investment. Order NOW! If you have any questions, use our live chat tool. You can always email and we'll reply fast - our experts are always here to help!

Important Artwork Notice!

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Edith T.

Mar 11 2017

I've done many print jobs with 4over4 in the past 3 years and they deserve a 5-star rating every order. Their customer service staff is friendly and helpful, product arrives right on time and their printing is impeccable. The roll oval labels I ordered are spot on in terms of design, color and texture. I can’t wait to order more products!