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    Tactile and expressive raised foil postcards

    Our tactile and expressive raised foil postcards are the perfect way to add a touch of luxury to your correspondence. The raised foil design is both elegant and eye-catching. Additionally, the range of colors and patterns means that you're sure to find the perfect design for your needs.

    So, our raised foil postcards will make a lasting impression, whether you're sending birthday wishes, a thank-you note, or just a friendly hello.

    Silver and gold, on anything you can think of, are bound to evoke feelings of luxury and sophistication and with gold foil postcards, this theory is just further proved. For branding, business, or any event under the sun, there is an improvement that can be added by the use of these luxurious raised foil postcards offered on lovely velvet laminated paper stock that takes the experience of receiving one of them to a whole new level. They are bound to get the attention even in a crowded room, and isn't that what we all want deep down?

    Usable as simple greeting cards, party invitations, RSVPs, thank you notes, and many others, make a statement when you use these to send your message, and be sure that you will level up to the new high standard that you just set!

    raised foil postcards

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    Important Artwork Notice!

    For better results, please make sure that foil coverage is less than 50%. Otherwise, the foil will be wavy and won't look good. The only time a 50% to 70% coverage is acceptable is with patterns, thin strokes or small shapes.

    The raised foil file must be a vector art created in a vector based program such as illustrator. Otherwise, you won't have sharp edges on the artwork if you use a raster image for the raised foil mask file. We do not recommend having fonts smaller than 10 pt on the Raised Foil Artwork.

    However if you use fonts with thicker strokes or bold fonts, we do not recommend having fonts smaller than 12pt.

    Available Paper Types:

    • 16pt Velvet Laminated Cover
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    2nd time around

    My first order was incorrect, maybe because the upload directions are a bit convoluted and difficult for printers to translate. After a conversation, good customer service, and a speedy reprint, the second order is correct and beautiful. I'm happy with the product.

    Anonymous, Mar 07 2019



    It came out great

    Anonymous, Apr 09 2018