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How to order Raised-Foil Postcards

To order raised-foil postcards, first, choose your preferred postcard size and foil color. Then, you can design your postcard online using the printing company's design tool or upload your already created design. Lastly, review your design, confirm the quantity, and place your order. This process allows for a personalized and professional look, enhancing the overall impact of your postcards.

How to make Raised-Foil Postcards

Creating raised-foil postcards involves starting with an online designer tool, where you can either design from scratch or choose from existing templates to get started. Alternatively, you can download a blank template and use your preferred software to craft your design. Once your artwork is ready, ensure it complies with the printing requirements for raised foil, such as specifying areas for foil application and avoiding fine details in the foil areas. This method ensures a tactile, eye-catching finish that elevates the look of your postcards.

raised foil postcards

Our Foil Postcards are the best quality that money can buy. We apply a partially raised foil to a specific graphical element of your postcards, such as your brand name, photo, or logo. The resulting contrast in shine and thickness ensures your message dazzles and delights your customers. You can choose from our raised gold, silver, or holographic options.

Make your brand impossible to ignore when you add glamor to your message and image with our foil product range. Also, our exclusive velvet laminated finish ensures you get the most sophisticated postcard product. Foil Postcard printing may be associated with precious metals but feels like soft suede to the touch.

These irresistible prints are as good as gold and will shake up your marketing. Foil printing is also ideal for party invitations, thank-you notes, greeting cards, and much more. 

Foil Postcard Printing

The following customizations are available when you order from 4OVER4:

  • Foil color
  • Foil side

Choose from gold, silver, or holographic foil colors for foil color options. Select a color that will best complement your existing postcard design. You can show off with a shiny silver finish, get gold foil postcards for the gold standard, or go for a glistening holographic finish instead.

The foil side lets you apply our sophistication to the front and back. Select front only if you prefer minimal effect. Or you can apply a foil finish to both sides to make a mark. 

Customization Options for Foil Postcards

We offer a range of postcard sizes and material types you can pick from when you order on 4OVER4:



  • 4” x 6”
  • 5” x 7”

Select the smaller size for a compact postcard design, or choose a larger postcard size if you want more room for your content. 



  • 16pt Velvet Laminated Cover

Our velvet laminated paper stock is the best option for a durable but elegant postcard finish.

The standard Metallic foil postcards, it is available in 16-point Silk laminated and 14-point Uncoated cover. And you can get more foil color options like Gold, Silver, Copper, Rose gold, Red, Blue, and Black. Or opt for our Extreme Custom postcards for any customization imaginable.

Choose your Foil Postcards at 4OVER4

Ordering custom foil postcards on 4OVER4 is straightforward. Choose your postcard size to begin, then choose your order quantity to place your order. Larger orders save you money.

Next, click the “Continue” button to choose your preferred customizations, such as foil color and printing side. Raised foil printing on just the front is more economical. Use the pricing calculator feature on our website to see the cost of your order. 

Choose your proof option. Choose the free online proof option to receive free proof online. You’d need to approve your prints if you’re happy with your proof. Otherwise, request a revision to your job. Due to the detailed printing process of foil printing, the print turnaround time is set to 7 business days.

Finally, upload the design files, or use our powerful design tool to create one for yourself. Use the "Important Artwork Notice!" section below as a guide to making the ideal artwork for foil printing. Lastly, input your delivery address and preferred delivery method. 

Don't just look good; appear fabulous. Order today. 

Important Artwork Notice!

For better results, please make sure that foil coverage is less than 50%. Otherwise, the foil will be wavy and won't look good. The only time a 50% to 70% coverage is acceptable is with patterns, thin strokes or small shapes.

The raised foil file must be a vector art created in a vector based program such as illustrator. Otherwise, you won't have sharp edges on the artwork if you use a raster image for the raised foil mask file. We do not recommend having fonts smaller than 10 pt on the Raised Foil Artwork.

However if you use fonts with thicker strokes or bold fonts, we do not recommend having fonts smaller than 12pt.

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Mar 07 2019

My first order was incorrect, maybe because the upload directions are a bit convoluted and difficult for printers to translate. After a conversation, good customer service, and a speedy reprint, the second order is correct and beautiful. I'm happy with the product.
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Apr 09 2018

It came out great