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    Available Paper Types:

    • 16 Point Silk Laminated


    The shiny finish is killing it!

    The shiny finish is killing it!


    J. Mathews Dec 23 2020

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    These business cards are simply perfect!

    A logo highlighted by the glitter spot UV looks so professional and chic!


    Stephanie V. Dec 23 2020

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    They work like a charm.

    In the business card world, looks are everything. Glitter spot UV business cards look good and professional.


    Charles R. McNair Dec 23 2020

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    So you’ve booked your fifth or so show, designed the outfits, and all your models have mastered the choreography ready to wow the crowds but there seemed to be something missing last time and you are wondering what you could have done differently. Competition in the creative and beauty industries is getting steeper by the day, so whatever you can do to get an edge such as incorporating lovely glitter on your business cards, you do it. The bright and impossible to ignore glitter spot UV business cards will be sure to leave a lasting impression on whoever is lucky enough to be handed one, and you can effortlessly communicate your personal style in a glitzy yet professional way. From salons to boutiques, art shows to nail parlours, anyone that needs to pass their details across in a glamorous way ought to get themselves a batch of these and they will stay a few steps ahead of the game!

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