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Glitter Spot UV Business Cards

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How to Order Glitter Spot UV Business Cards

To order Glitter Spot UV Business Cards, start by choosing your preferred card type and specifications such as paper weight and finish. Next, design your cards online using available design tools or upload your pre-designed card layout directly on the printer’s website. Finally, review your design, confirm the quantity, and place your order. Ensure all details are correct before finalizing to avoid any mistakes.

How to Make Glitter Spot UV Business Cards

To make Glitter Spot UV Business Cards, you have two main options. One, use an online designer provided by the printing service, starting from scratch or selecting an existing template that fits your vision. Or two, download a blank template and use your preferred software to create a unique design. Focus on utilizing the glitter and UV aspects to highlight key elements of your card such as your logo or company name. Once your design is ready, you can proceed to order them from your chosen printing provider.

glitter spot uv business cards

Glitter Spot UV business card combines the shine of glitter and Spot UV coating to create a unique, durable, and eye-catching design. But will these cards represent your business?

Enhance Your Business Cards with Glitter Spot UV

The shiny and visually appealing nature of Glitter Spot UV business cards makes them ideal for industries where perception is everything. For example, these cards are perfect for the following industries: Event planning and entertainment, Fashion and beauty, Art and design, Luxury brands and upscale services

Advantages of Glitter Spot UV Business Cards

Glitter Spot UV business cards have several benefits, namely:

Visual appeal: These cards are visually striking and instantly capture attention.

Brand differentiation: Glitter Spot UV business cards allow you to showcase your creativity and unique style, separate from competitors.

Memorable and impactful: Individuals that receive your card will leave with a clear memory of your meeting and unique offer. 

Enhanced perceived value: Utilize its premium and high-quality appearance to add sophistication and glamour to your brand and offers.

Conversation starter: Glitter Spot UV business cards are natural conversation starters. Get partners and prospects talking about your product or service by just glancing at your cards. 

Showcases creativity and innovation: Glitter Spot UV business card hints at your creative approach and attention to detail. These qualities help to win the trust of clients who seek custom or out-of-the-box solutions.

So are you ready to make an order?

Top-notch Printing Services for Professional Business Cards

You can buy Glitter Spot UV cards on 4OVER4 at a competitive price. We know time is money, so we’re swift with your orders. But, more importantly, we do not compromise on quality. 

Print on a 16pt Silk Laminated stock and apply your glitter spot UV on one or both sides of your card. That is not all. This product also allows you to add hot foil stamping on either or both sides. You may pick from over 18 foil colors and add a radiant appearance that will draw attention. 

You may also check out our Ultra Thick Diamond Glitter Business Cards for a thicker 32pt Diamond Glitter Cover.

Pricing and Ordering

These cards start at $182.85. To order, choose from several customization options, such as foil stamping and rounded corners. Then design and upload your artwork in any popular format (TIFF, PDF, or JPG). Alternatively, check out our templates library for free, professional-looking templates online. 

Finally, input your delivery address or select a pickup location to complete your order. 

Glitter Spot UV cards offer numerous benefits for a modest investment cost. So showcase style and class by making the switch. 

Important Artwork Notice!

When doing a Spot UV business card, postcard or pocket folder a Spot UV mask must be created and uploaded with your full color file. The file for the Spot UV mask MUST ONLY be black and white (100% Black). 100% Black in the areas you want the Spot UV effect to be on, and white in the areas you do not want the Spot UV. Click for Details. There may be up to a 1/16" shift on the placement of the spot UV on your order. Keep this in mind if you are trying to align spot UV with other printed artwork on the card.

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J. Mathews

Dec 23 2020

The shiny finish is killing it!
user avatar

Stephanie V.

Dec 23 2020

A logo highlighted by the glitter spot UV looks so professional and chic!
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Charles R. McNair

Dec 23 2020

In the business card world, looks are everything. Glitter spot UV business cards look good and professional.

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