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Spiral Bound Book Printing

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How to Order Spiral Coil Books

To order spiral coil books, you first need to choose your preferred type of spiral coil book, such as size, paper type, and coil color. You can then either design your book online using the printing company's design tools or upload your pre-made design directly. Once your design is ready and meets your satisfaction, you can place your order through the printer's website, selecting the quantity and any other customization options offered.

How to Make Spiral Coil Books

Making spiral coil books involves a straightforward process. You can use an online designer provided by a printing company and start from scratch or choose from an existing template to customize. Alternatively, you can download a blank template and use your preferred software, like Adobe Illustrator or InDesign, to create your design. Once your design is ready, you'll need to print the pages and then use a coil binding machine to punch holes along the edge of the pages and thread the spiral coil through the holes to bind the book.

spiral coil book

Professional spiral bound book printing can promote your business and elevate your brand image. Their convenient, lay-flat design and durable finish are ideal for printing training manuals, reports, cookbooks, catalogs, and other marketing materials. 

Printing spiral bound books is cost effective. We will see why, and how can you get book spiral bound?

Printing Spiral Bound Books: Professional Printing Services for Your Needs

To create spiral bound book, we insert a durable plastic spiral coil through small holes punched along the edge of a book. We then crimp the coil at both ends, creating a secure and professional finish. 

The flexibility of plastic coils helps the book lay flat when opened, making it convenient for readers to go through the content, take notes, or refer to specific pages. 

Printing spiral bound books can be done quickly on 4OVER4.

Custom Spiral Bound Book Printing

We offer custom spiral bound book printing tailored to your specific requirements. Our expert bookmakers carefully execute every detail, from the cover design to the paper quality and binding, for a final product that exceeds your expectations.

We offer the following custom printing options:


Print standard sizes or select a custom size that suits your project. These sizes are:

  • 5.5” x 8.5”
  • 6” x 6”
  • 6” x 9”
  • 8.5” x 11”
  • Custom size

Quantity And Number Of Inside Pages

Print from 10 to 500 copies and from 40 to 300 inside pages.

Cover page Paper Type and Inside Pages Paper Type

You can select the 100# Gloss Text, 70# Uncoated Text, or 100# silk/matte text for your inside pages paper. Each inside paper type provides options for the Cover page paper type. 

With the 100# Gloss Text inside paper, you can select the 14pt Gloss Cover or 80# Gloss Cover. The 70# Uncoated Text comes with a standard 14pt Uncoated Cover (30% PCW). And the 100# silk/matte text comes with a standard 100# Silk/Matte Cover.

Cover Lamination

Opt for no cover lamination or select from the following options.

  • Velvet laminated
  • Gloss laminated
  • Silk laminated

Spiral Coil Color

We offer white and black coils standard, but you also have the option of over 40 plastic spiral coil colors with long or short binding dimensions.  Note: colored coils is a custom order and will require an estimate 

Our advanced printing technology lets you personalize every aspect of your book design and create stunning books that impress.

Cheap Spiral Bound Book Printing Near Me: Quality Services at a Great Value

Our cost-effective printing solutions mean you can print high-quality books at great prices. So you can make a strong impact without exceeding your budget. 

Are you in NYC, looking for where to get “cheap spiral bound book printing near me?” Place your order and get an instant online price today.

Cost to Print Spiral Bound Book

You can easily calculate the cost to print spiral bound books. Our Instant price calculator displays the cost of your order based on your specifications. Consequently, you can avoid overspending when you know the cost to print spiral bound book. 

Make a Spiral Bound Book Online

You can make a spiral book online effortlessly on 4OVER4. Simply upload your book's artwork, choose your preferred printing options, then place your order. Our streamlined print production ensures a fast turnaround time, promptly getting your spiral-bound books into your hands.


Whether you're looking to buy spiral-bound books for marketing, presentation, or portfolio design purposes, you can trust 4OVER4 to deliver. Getting a book spiral bound is straightforward. Make a spiral bound book online today. 

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