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Holographic Hang Tags

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Holographic hang tags are tags with a holographic design and are often used to give a product a more premium or high-end appearance. They help to protect your products' identity, enhance visibility, and curbs counterfeiting. These tags have a holographic design or pattern, and you can easily attach them to the product you are tagging. 

Products with holographic tags look attractive and high-end, so you can use these tags for branding clothes, bags, and similar products.

Why Are Holographic Hang Tags Special?

Holographic hang tags are special for several reasons, namely: 

Tamper-evident security labels: You can attach these tags to an article of clothing, so it only comes off when a customer buys the item. So the tags are an assurance that your product is previously unused and in good condition. 

Product authentication: These tags are difficult to replicate, making them a good choice for companies that want to protect their brand and ensure customers buy authentic goods. Your customers are happy and remain loyal to your brand when they can get quality items. 

Attractive appearance: These tags catch the eyes and are effective for marketing. 

Luxurious look: You can use holographic tags to label premium or high-end goods. The appealing look is commensurate with the value your customers will get.  

Durability: They are more durable than regular hang tags, which tend to wear and tear after a while. 

Customization: You can customize these tags to suit your particular business need. It doesn't matter if you want to announce a sale, improve your brand recognition, or distinguish yourself from imitation brands. Holographic tags will meet your needs. 

Versatility: You can use holographic hang tags to label accessories, clothing, bags, and home goods. 


Customization Options

There are several customization options to pick from so that your hang tag design is unique and relevant. These options include: 

  • Size
  • Quantity
  • Effect type
  • Die-cutting
  • Proof option

Choose the size and quantity of your holographic hang tags to meet your specific needs. So you can order a few or make bulk orders, depending on your requirement. 

Also, you can get the rainbow Holographic in silver and gold for your design:

We apply the selected effect to your tag design. You can print custom-shaped hang tags with die-cutting. Choose from standard-shaped hang tags or create uniquely shaped tags with this option. 

Finally, the online proof option allows you to preview your job before we print. So you can make last-minute changes to your design and print when satisfied. 


Helpful Tips Before Ordering Holographic Hang Tags on 4OVER4

Consider these helpful tips before ordering holographic hang tags on 4OVER4:

Determine the purpose of your hang tag: Do you want to brand your products, add security, or both? This will help you choose the right type of holographic hang tag.

Decide on design: Use a design that is visually appealing and conveys the needed information, whether you're announcing a sale, promoting your branding, or doing both. 

Decide on the quantity you need: How many will you need for your product? Printing in bulk is usually cost-effective, but you can make fewer orders depending on your need.

Consider the cost: Hologram-printed hang tags can be pricey. Hence, businesses typically use them for marketing high-end goods. However, our pricing calculator shows you the price before you checkout. You know what your order cost before you buy.

After placing your order, you will receive an email confirmation with details of your order for easy tracking. 

We'll notify you when your order is ready for delivery, or you can choose the pickup method if you are around the NYC area. 

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