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Important Artwork Notice!

It is highly recommended to use our templates for Table Throws. Text and graphics should be placed at least 1” from the edge of the fabric. For example, if you order a 84” x 126.5” Table Throw, the live image area will be 82” x 124.5”. 4OVER4.COM will professionally hand sew 1” hems around your Table Throw. <b>Bleed:</b> Ensure you have 0.5” on all sides of your artwork and please do not add crops.

Available Paper Types:

  • 9oz Premium Polyester


Custom table throws will definitely help get any brand in front of more peo

For a forward thinking entrepreneur, they add an important personal touch.


George R. Glass Sep 16 2020

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I just love how the table throws

I just love how the table throws here capture attention. Absolutely impossible to be ignored by passers by.


Lenny S Sep 24 2020

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These table throws are perfect for outdoor events.

One can print their logo and mission statement so that no one will have to wonder what their business is all about. They are a dime.


Mary M. Galindo Aug 28 2020

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People like to be associated with success that is why presenting a strong brand image is important. You want your audience to crave to be associated with you as if you’re the cool kid on the block. So whether you're headed off to a trade show or a corporate conference, Table Throws are excellent mediums to help in boosting your brand image and awareness to your audience. They can be branded with your company logo, artwork and strategic communication to help you engage with potential customers. If you're ready to set the stage for success at your next event, here is what we offer you to help you achieve success: 9oz Premium Polyester material that is durable and wrinkle resistant, 2 convenient sizes to choose from, standard hemming on all sides and a 4 day turnaround. Are you ready to attract customers to your booth? Place your order today and leave the rest to us.
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