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Important Artwork Notice!

<b>Keychain Size:</b> 43mm x 65.5mm <b>Image Size:</b> 35mm x 50mm (appr 1.38" x 1.97") The glossy body and robust acrylic make these personalized keychains ideal for everything from party favors to promotional and branding strategies.

Available Paper Types:

  • Keychain



Terrific product and customer service


Paige M Dec 22 2019

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Nice quality


Eloise Dec 22 2019

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Exactly as I ordered. Thanks


A. Dec 25 2019

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No one can say no to a gift that is practical and unique, while at the same time being professional and appealing, and this is what a keychain offers. Who does not have a few keys that they need to carry around daily? There you go; practically every individual you have come into contact with stands to appreciate a keychain and so if you are looking for a gift that won’t be forgotten the second it’s unwrapped, this is one to consider. Add your company logo, your brand colours, or simply a beloved family memento and you have the perfect gift for anyone you can think of. Their great pricing and double sided nature offer the perfect advertiser for your business as you can add your phone number or address, and while they can serve the purpose of a business card, they are much more versatile, durable, and hence a great investment all round. Get a batch of these today, and have the satisfaction of seeing your gifts really get utilized!