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Tired of promotional gifts that just end up unused or forgotten? Want to send friends and family off with a momento they will carry with them everywhere? Customized keychains are a practical gift that can be designed with a company logo, beloved image or humorous saying. Our 100% acrylic keychains are perfect for any occasion. This transparent, shatter-resistant plastic is ideal for advertising your business; include a phone number or web address.

Keychains are inexpensive and offer a wide array of promotional opportunities with double sided exposure.

Let's take a look at why personalized keychains are a powerful promotional tool, and why promotional products are so crucial to a small business' success.

  • - Business Cards with Purpose - Traditional business cards may not work for your small hardware store or cafe, but a custom printed keychain with your name, address, phone number and email will do the trick. Keychains allow you to showcase your business in a fun and unconventional way. Our acrylic keychains let you display your contact information on one side and your company logo on the other.
  • - Budget Friendly - Promotional giveaways do not have to break the bank. With customized keychains, small businesses can stay on budget and still offer their customers a gift they can appreciate. Small items, like keychains, are ideal for presenting to customers after a purchase. Businesses can also place them near the checkout for customers who wish to take one.
  • - Unforgettable - It's true that some promotional gifts rarely get used, but keychains are a necessity for all of us. Every time a customer uses their keychain, they are reminded of your business, the products you sell, the services you provide. If you want patrons to keep coming back for your refreshing fruit smoothies, add a photo with your business name and info to remind them where to go for a healthy drink.
  • - Expose yourself - Powerful promotional products let your small business get the exposure it deserves. Stay fresh in the minds of your customers with promos that offer fun and function. Customize your keychains with a witty saying and logo. Use photos of your most coveted products. Keep up with the latest trends and make your message as current as possible. They are so affordable, you can purchase various designs for different times of the year. Who knows, your customers may start collecting all your unique keychains.
  • - Why Promotional Tools Work - Let's face facts, consumers love free stuff. Getting something for nothing makes us feel good. Contrary to how it may look, businesses that periodically handout freebies get rewarded handsomely for their kindness. After receiving a generous gift, most consumers are compelled to express their gratitude by making a purchase. Marketers refer to this as the reciprocity principle. In other words, every time you present your customers with a promo gift, they feel an obligation to return the favor. It's a win, win situation!

Not Just for Business

Keychains printed with a personal note also make terrific party favors. No matter the occasion, personalized keychains express the mood of the celebration. Best of all they are not a waste of money, and won't end up in the closet next to that scented candle you got at your last family gathering.

What joyous occasions call for uniquely printed keychains? Here's a list:

  • - Birthdays, young and old - Whether you are throwing a party for a five year old or fifty year old, personalized keychains with a beloved photo are a welcome departure from the ordinary chocolates or miniature picture frames.
  • - Graduations - Mark your graduates day with a favor that will commemorate the day, but also serves a functional purpose.
  • - Family reunions - After a fun filled weekend with relatives from near and far, send everyone off with a gift that will remind them of all the fun they had every time they open their front door.
  • - Bridal / Baby showers - No more scented soaps or potpourri bags! Design keychains in the guest of honor's favorite colors and themes.
  • - Anniversaries - For wedding anniversaries, create personalized keychains with a treasured photo from the past and a current one on the opposite side.
  • - Retirement - Custom keychains make a great favor for retirement parties. Add a photo of the guest of honor's first day on the job or one of the whole team together at the company picnic.

That's not all. Keychains printed with a personal message are a unique way to highlight a college open house for prospective students. They can also be used to build school spirit, simply add a school emblem or image of a mascot. Universities can print keychains with their school crest and hand them out to incoming freshmen as a welcome gift on move-in day. Anything is possible!

Vibrant Full Color

Our high quality custom acrylic keychains are printed in vibrant full color for dramatic effect. Design one graphic or two distinctly one of a kind images for your double sided keychains. The image size is 1.38" x 1.97" and can be printed one sided as well. All our custom printed keychains come with a durable stainless keyring.

Why acrylic versus other materials? Acrylic has the beauty of glass without the fear of breaking and shattering. This transparent polymer houses your artwork and message beautifully and clearly. Best of all, this durable plastic will not yellow or cloud with time.

For favors or business promotional gifts, custom printed keychains made of durable acrylic are a dynamic and affordable option. Unlike promotional edibles, keychains have a long shelf life, so purchase them in large quantities for special events throughout the year.

To learn more about our line of high quality custom printed acrylic keychains, call 718-932-2700 and speak to an experienced member of our customer support team. We are also available via email, We look forward to working with you. Thanks for choosing 4OVER4.COM!

Important Artwork Notice!

Keychain Size: 43mm x 65.5mm
Image Size: 35mm x 50mm (appr 1.38" x 1.97")

The glossy body and robust acrylic make these personalized keychains ideal for everything from party favors to promotional and branding strategies.

Available Paper Types:

  • Keychain

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No one can say no to a gift that is practical and unique, while at the same time being professional and appealing, and this is what a keychain offers. Who does not have a few keys that they need to carry around daily? There you go; practically every individual you have come into contact with stands to appreciate a keychain and so if you are looking for a gift that won’t be forgotten the second it’s unwrapped, this is one to consider. Add your company logo, your brand colours, or simply a beloved family memento and you have the perfect gift for anyone you can think of. Their great pricing and double sided nature offer the perfect advertiser for your business as you can add your phone number or address, and while they can serve the purpose of a business card, they are much more versatile, durable, and hence a great investment all round. Get a batch of these today, and have the satisfaction of seeing your gifts really get utilized!

Tips For Designing a Killer Keychains

A huge part of landing your dream job or attracting the attention of potential customers is how you present yourself to your audience. Powerful communication tools are a must. And personalized cards can exude charm and highlight your business persona. Here is a list of do's and don'ts when it comes to this must-have print product:

  • Keep it simple and fun
  • Use high resolution photos
  • Choose colors carefully
  • Avoid heavy keychains
  • Do not include too much text
  • Do not forget to use the flip side for additional information

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