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How to Order Aluminum Signs

To order aluminum signs, first, choose your preferred sign type and size. You can either design your sign online using customizable templates or upload a pre-made design directly on the sign company's website. After finalizing your design, proceed to place your order through the website’s ordering system. This process allows for a streamlined way to obtain custom aluminum signs tailored for business or personal use.

How to Make Aluminum Signs

Making aluminum signs can start with using an online designer tool, where you have the option to start from scratch or select an existing template to customize. Alternatively, you can download a blank template and use your preferred software, such as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, to design the sign. This approach provides flexibility in the design process, enabling the creation of highly personalized or branded signage for any purpose.

aluminum signs

Meet Your Outdoor & Indoor Signage Needs with Strong Aluminum Signs

Looking for a signage solution that will last for years to come no matter what the conditions? Durable, weather resistant and rust proof, custom aluminum signs are the perfect solution for all your business needs! Unfazed by rain, snow or sunlight, our coveted metal signs for business are ideal for outdoor advertising, as well as indoor hanging signs because of their light weight and ability to be printed on both sides.

The raw milled aluminum finish gives's 0.040" thick aluminum signs a dramatic, industrial look perfect for any growing business. There are no limits to the possible uses of customized metal signs! They work great for a range of applications including property, manufacturing, retail, real estate signage and more. Try them today!

A Proven Winner

As mentioned earlier, our custom printed aluminum signs are intended to be used both indoors and outdoors. Wherever you are placing them, your metal signs will look great, retaining their quality while being unaffected by the elements. Check out some other benefits:

  • These 0.040" metal signs are thick enough to be durable yet thin enough to be gorgeous and easy to use, regardless of setting.

  • Even though weather certainly can take a toll on your outdoor signage, metal signs last longer than other signs in similar conditions.

  • A quick wipe with soapy water will have your signs cleaned up and looking like new for years to come.

  • Since aluminum resists corrosion, your signs will never rust, no matter how much they're rained on or washed. You'll never need to replace them due to fading, cracking or wearing out.

  • Since aluminum is very lightweight, you can easily carry your signs wherever you go!

Product Details

We've got your business' metal sign marketing needs covered. Whether you're a retail store owner looking for a personalized aluminum sign to increase traffic flow into your store or a realtor looking for a estate sign to promote a new listing, take advantage of our endless customization options listed below:

  • Made with 0.040" thick, raw milled aluminum.

  • Come with 3/4" rounded corners for safety.

  • Choose from three convenient sizes: 12" x 18", 18" x 24" and 24" x 36".

  • Available with 3 hole drilling positions.

  • Optional matte or gloss lamination to make your signs even more striking.

  • Enjoy minimums as low as one print.

  • Crisp, high quality full color printing on one or both sides of your sign.

We Don't Like to Keep Our Customers Waiting

We know that time is money which is why we don't like to keep our customers waiting. We are thrilled to offer 1 to 4 day turnaround times on customized outdoor aluminum signs. For those with deadlines, we also offer a same day turnaround time. Placing an order is very simple! Just make your selections on our Instant Price Calculator and upload your design file onto our site. Once you've approved your free online proof, our printing pros will take care of the rest!

Weather resistant metal signs have long been a dynamic tool for businesses big and small. Ready to reap the benefits of custom printed aluminum signs from the experts at Order today !



Important Artwork Notice!

White Ink can be used as a single spot color (1/0) to produce 100% White Ink signs (no CMYK), as well as an underprint option as an additional 5th color for enhanced color reproduction. If the White Ink Option is selected, a White Ink mask must be created and uploaded with your full color file. The file for the white ink MUST ONLY be black and white (100% Black). 100% black in the areas you want the white ink.

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Jan 23 2020

Amazing product, I will be back for more orders.
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Jan 23 2020

Very happy with my order.
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Jan 25 2020

I love you print work

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