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Metallic Business Cards

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How to Order Metallic Business Cards

To order metallic business cards, begin by selecting your preferred card finish and size. You can design your cards online using a built-in design tool or upload your already perfected design directly to the platform. Once your design is confirmed, proceed to place your order, specifying the quantity and any special features you desire. The unique appeal of metallic business cards lies in their striking finish, which can significantly enhance your brand’s prestige.

How to Make Metallic Business Cards

Making metallic business cards starts by utilizing an online designer tool, where you can choose to start from scratch or opt for an existing template to customize. For those who prefer to have complete design control, downloading a blank template and utilizing your preferred software to edit the design is recommended. This process allows for a more tailored design experience, ensuring your metallic business cards reflect your brand’s identity accurately. The allure of metallic business cards comes from their unique finish, offering a premium feel that stands out.

metallic business cards

With their attractive reflective ink, metallic cards are very eye-catching and smart. What a better way to spark a  conversation with your prospective client. Did you know that a perfect and posh finish on such cards attracts close to 90% of all customer’s attention?

Marketing pieces that grab attention like the metallic business cards help prospective customers recall the interaction you as a brand owner had with them with ease. 

Metallic cards for your brand lift your brand’s status to an entirely new level. We at 4OVER4 highly recommend them to have your brand shine and create that awesome impression. 


Metallic Business Cards Make Your Brand Unforgettable

Are you in search of a great first impression? Well then, consider this type of card, as a solution, perfect for your brand or business. A metallic eye-catching finish can and definitely will put your brand on the spot, showcasing your potential to prospective clients.

Be different and set yourself apart from the rest of the brands in the market. Presenting a batch of metallic cards for your brand to networking events will be unforgettable.


Tips for metallic card design    

For the best design, we at 4OVER4 can implement large text and in bold, as well as shapes for your cards. We recommend using glossy paper as an option to get the best shiny look, just as the case with aluminium business based cards. As a brand owner, select colors of high-contrast to relay a unique finish and avoid thin fonts and lines and fonts. If you are looking for something also luxurious with a tactile experience, check out our Raised Metallic Foil business card. The cards feature raised foil in gold, silver, or holographic, with a velvet lamination finish that gives a soft-touch, suede feel.


Use Spot UV for metallic cards

Did you know, Spot UV adds an extra touch & kick to your custom metallic business cards?. Spot UV, makes logos or texts prominent on metallic cards. Their surfaces tend to give off an appearance characterized by multiple textures. Spot UV has a particular and special coating applied to your card's supreme areas and in addition, to add texture and shine, we at 4OVER can have words printed in metallic ink. Stainless business cards make use of spot UV to attract attention to brand product specs as well as logos.

You can also order the metallic foil business card that is available in 16-point Silk laminated and 14-point Uncoated cover. But note that with the metallic foil you can only print in 7 foil colors. If you want more paper options for your metallic business card, order our Majestic Card, which gives you more options for customizations to create a card that is really unique.


Create Your Own Metal Business Cards


Colors for metallic cards

Cards for your brand that feature quite a composition of contrasting colors are perfect to go the metallic way. The text in such cases tends to pop out more as opposed to normal cards. 
On the ink, unlike foil stamping, metallic ink can be put to use and works with a variety of colors on the scale, even gradients. It is recommended to have this as a choice, even   when selecting a well graphically designed template from our pool. Metallic card printing gives this a proper chance to present the work of your brand or business.


Fonts for metallic cards

Prospective clients should comfortably, at first sight, find your brand name, your name, as well as an email address or a phone number on the card. An uncluttered card in the cleaning industry goes a long long way.

If you as a brand owner choose metallic cards for your advertising, make use of a proper font. Using a font that is improper won’t influence the purchase options of your clients. If they can't read and interpret, they can't call and ask for services.

Did you know it takes only seconds to make an impression of your brand or business to your potential client? Having the wrong font will turn off the client, making them pay no attention to your cleaning card.

Printing Stainless Business Cards in bulk at 4OVER4

To order your stunning metallic business cards, in bulk, go to our website/online shop and make your selection on our user-friendly Instant Price Calculator. Pick a preferred template from our top notch, cutting edge designs and 4OVER4’s printing professionals will send you a free review, and after approval, production begins.
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Important Artwork Notice!

With Metallic Accent products, a.k.a WonderFoil, you can turn a wide range of CMYK colors, into multi-colored foils. When doing a metallic postcard, sticker, business card, etc, a foil mask must be created and uploaded with your full color CMYK file. The file for the "metallic" mask MUST ONLY be black and white (100% Black). 100% Black in the areas you want the foil, and white (0%) in the areas you do not want the foil. Click for more info.

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Sep 24 2019

4over4 always have such amazing products and the Wonderfoil business cards did not disappoint. The cardstock is firm and overall impression is professional. The ordering process was efficient with great customer service. They spotted a spelling mistake and alerted me to change it. This is my fifth time ordering from them and I am always impressed with the customer service and quality product. Keep up the amazing work!
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Avery H.

Sep 11 2019

I honestly didn't know what to expect as this was my first time ordering such business cards. It was pretty easy placing my order but I did have a few struggles saving the design in the right format. The customer support team are super helpful and patient and I managed to upload my design. The online proof looked good and I approved it. I was quite nervous as I opened the box but there was nothing to worry about. They look even better, colorful and standout Wonderfoil business cards that I am proud to hand out. Good job!
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Nov 13 2019

There's not much more that I can say. Everything was so easy and the process was so fast! I would recommend this company to family and friends.

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