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Silk Laminated Spot Uv Hangtags

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How to order Silk Laminated Spot UV Hangtags

To order Silk Laminated Spot UV Hangtags, start by choosing your preferred hangtag specifications such as size, silk lamination, and spot UV options. Next, either design your hangtags online with the provided design tools or upload your pre-made design. Once you are satisfied with your design, proceed to place your order through the printing company’s website.

How to make Silk Laminated Spot UV Hangtags

Making Silk Laminated Spot UV Hangtags begins with the creative process. Use an online designer to start from scratch or select an existing template to customize. Alternatively, download a blank template and use your preferred software to craft your design, ensuring to incorporate spots for UV treatment and planning for silk lamination. This process allows for a personalized and professional finish suited to your branding needs.

silk laminated spot uv hangtags

Silk Laminated Hang Tags: Make a Luxurious Statement

Get everyone's attention with sophisticated silk laminated hang tags from! Spotlight your most eye-catching designs on this supple, silky stock that gets its extra thickness and underlying durability from silk lamination. Whether you order them for business or personal use, professionally printed silk hang tags have a rare elegance and refined look that's hard to rival! There's something both delicate and powerful about this print finish, that deepens hues to a muted - but killer - color.

Adding a touch of distinction, businesses, such as those in the jewelry and fashion industries, have long been ordering custom silk hang tags for special edition or high-end products. This tool is so versatile that it can also work as an innovative thank you card, party favor tag, birth announcement, unique invitation or out of the ordinary business card. The possibilities are endless!

What Exactly is Silk Lamination?

Silk lamination is both subtly-textured and uniform, mimicking the appearance of fine fabrics like silk. This remarkable surface is created when two layers of paper are joined together by using pressure, heat and an adhesive.

A silk laminated hang tag is neither all matte nor all glossy - it reflects light in the same way fine silk does! Not only is it smooth to the touch, the coat of lamination produces a hang tag that is both durable and waterproof.

Variety of Printing Options

Custom silk laminated hang tags are cost effective advertising tools that grab customers' attention and entice them to make a purchase. To ensure the effectiveness of this powerful tool, the perfect hang tag needs to be both functional and eye-catching. That's why we are proud to offer a variety of sizes, ink colors and hole drilling positions to meet every need.

  • The silky smooth lamination is tear and wear resistant, protecting the tag from cracking and chipping along the edge.

  • Printed on 16 point coated paper stock, our silk laminated tags feel like a sturdy 19 point paper stock after lamination.

  • Laminated with an impressive silk finish, our hang tags come with a pre-cut 1/8" hole for added convenience.

  • Choose between two hole drilling positions: top center or left side.

  • Go one step further and choose full color printing on both sides to differentiate your hang tags from the standard variety.

  • MInimums as low as 100.

  • Available in 5 popular sizes.

Print Products that Deliver

Here at, we take pride in creating premium print solutions that take your branding to the next level. Once you have made your selections on our Instant Price Calculator and uploaded your design file, an expert member of our team will review it and send you a free online proof. Once we receive your approval, we will send your project to print. Take advantage of our fast turnaround times - choose between 4 or 7 business day turnarounds and get them as soon as you need them.

Make a statement and stand out with this dynamic tool. Order professionally printed silk laminated hang tags from today!

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Mary J.

Dec 22 2020

These silk laminated spot uv hangtags will give an undeniable edge to anything homemade; simply beautiful.
user avatar

B. Register

Dec 22 2020

It makes any products look premium and exotically fashionable.
user avatar

Dale M. Craig

Dec 22 2020

Their shiny appearance makes products majestic!

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