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In this day and age, success is for the discerning to take because there are plenty of tools available to make your production endeavors seamless and unique. Standard Labels are a case in point for this, and it doesn't matter what product you are dealing with- quality applies to all. We will help you revolutionize your labeling because if you don't already have a design in mind, our team of experts is on standby to help you out. We will offer unparalleled quality at unbeatable prices and at our one-stop-shop, you can be sure you will always leave satisfied.

standard labels

Every product out here, on the shelves, and in the market has one characteristic. It’s identity. This differentiates it from a similar product but of a different manufacturer or brand. Did you know that your product’s appearance has a full and direct influence on a client’s purchase decision? Appealing & perfect label printing counts as part of building this impression. Print labels that are stunning and wow the client at first sight! This calls for unique label printing which 4OVER4 gladly provides. This is how we do it:

Label Printing Format

Printing on labels conforms to certain standards and procedures which ensure a client receives label printing services that guarantee worth for their money with excellent and eye-catching results.  Besides just having labels on products, you can have them as identifiers, placing or sticking them on personal effects.
At 4OVER4, printing on labels is available in a couple of formats:


  1. Kiss-cut sticker sheets: Incorporates three label types (Uncoated, semi-gloss & Hi-Gloss).
  2. Cut-to size: Over 25 available types & available from size 2” x 2” to 11” x 17” in ¼ increments.
  3. Roll: Incorporates 5 label types of over 65 rectangles, ovals, and squares & come in rolls
  4. Custom shaped: As the name suggests, these are printed and cut to any shape as per the desires of the client(also come in rolls).

Popular Label Materials and Sizes

Printed labels are most popularly implemented on Hi-gloss and semi-gloss material. A glossy look makes the product look more professional and expresses a sense of quality to the client. Hi-gloss materials with white vinyl stickers are more resistant to UV light and are waterproof as compared to other materials like matte. 
Speaking of matte, normal gloss and itself are not suitable for outdoor use. For personal effects, however, matte gives an awesome and unique feel with its texture and preferably, in black. 
On size, labels are not as big as banners and flyers that make rounds. These are small-sized sheets that your label maker should advise you on, ranging between 2” x 2” to 11” x 17” in ¼ increments. Label printing services at 4OVER4 are not short of such advice! 
The material used should not cover every single bit of the product but a good volume of its surface for readability enhancement. Why look elsewhere when 4OVER4, a reputable label printing company has your back! With our exclusive design tool, we will guide you through the appropriate size.

Please note that the standard label prints have about 50 standard shapes and sizes you can choose from as you would see in our Instant Price Calculator. However, if you want more shapes and sizes so you can infuse your creativity and personality into your labels or stickers, check out any shape and any size custom die-cut labels.

Label Printing Services at 4OVER4

4OVER4 provides same day print and next day delivery options for any order placed. To make an order for labels and their printing, select from a wide variety of options, depending on your preferred material and format. After that, you can customize the wording and design of the label, dimensions and shape with the help of our design tool. 

You will receive visual electronic proof of your selected design and have printing started right away! Depending on your urgency, delivery can be done, as mentioned earlier, same or next day. 
Remember, for every purchase you make, you will be rewarded with 4OVER4 rewards coins in your My Influence dashboard. My Influence Rewards is a one-of-a-kind Rewards Program that allows you to earn 4OVER4 rewards coins without spending a dime! You can redeem the coins for our products or services, 200 free business cards, or cool gift cards from other websites.

Important Artwork Notice!

Standard Labels come kiss cut on sheets which allows the stickers to easily peel off the sheet. They DO NOT come as individual pieces.

Available Paper Types:

  • Standard Uncoated Label
  • Standard Semi-Gloss Label
  • Standard Hi-Gloss Label
  • Standard Clear Label
  • Standard White Vinyl Label

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Feb 20 2023

these cards are smooth and beautiful
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this is so cute i like it very much Also check out chick here to my web
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Sep 28 2020


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