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Plastic Bookmarks

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How to Order Plastic Bookmarks

To order Plastic Bookmarks, start by selecting your preferred bookmark size and thickness. Next, customize your bookmark design online or upload your pre-made design. Finally, review your order details and place your order. Ensure your design aligns with your branding or message, as these durable bookmarks can serve as effective marketing tools or personal gifts that last long.

How to Make Plastic Bookmarks

Making Plastic Bookmarks can be a creative process that starts with using an online designer tool. You can either start from scratch to bring a unique idea to life or use an existing template as your foundation. For those who prefer more control over their design, downloading a blank template and editing it with your preferred software might be the ideal path. This process allows for a high level of customization, ensuring the final product truly reflects your vision or brand identity.

Plastic Bookmarks

Promote your brand with our stunning custom plastic bookmarks. We have been printing bookmarks for years and have a fool-proof process. We can convert any design you create into a treasured reading staple. 

Mesmerizing Plastic Bookmarks

If there is one thing you should know about plastic bookmarks printing, it is that precision is everything - a small mistake can throw everything off.  So to ensure all our printed plastic bookmarks are of the same high quality, we stick to some standard specifications.

For one, we always print on a 2” by 8” size of paper. Secondly, we provide 2 options when it comes to rounded edges - ¼” and ⅛” radius. What’s more? You get to choose whether you want printing done on only one side or both. And whatever specifications you go with, the price of the items doesn’t change - we provide beauty on a budget.

Tips For Designing Plastic Bookmarks

Due to the promotional value of printed plastic bookmarks, they need to be impactful to your audience. With any luck, they should elicit invitations to business opportunities. So here are a few design tips that can help you out:

  • Ensure your design is unique
  • Ensure your design is relevant to your brand or product
  • Don’t be afraid of color

Available Paper Types 

Our custom plastic bookmarks are available in 3 paper types:

  • 20 point clear
  • 20 point frosted
  • 20 point  white rigid vinyl

Tips For Designing Killer Plastic Bookmarks 

If you want to create killer bookmarks, you will need to go above and beyond. Here are a few tips that can help:

  • Base the design on some text or image
  • Look out for signs of inconsistency
  • Ensure the top cover is eye-catching
  • Choose a reliable printer

Ultimately, 4OVER4 is the best custom plastic bookmark printing solution out there. We let you order in bulk and promise delivery within 7 business days. So if you want to buy plastic bookmarks, you’ve come to the right place! Remember, for every purchase you make on our site you will get 4OVER4 rewards coins through our My Influence Rewards program. My Influence Rewards is a one-of-a-kind Rewards Program that allows you to earn 4OVER4 rewards coins without spending a dime! You can redeem the coins for our products or services, 200 free business cards or cool gift cards from other websites.

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Product Reviews


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Lakia K. Parsons

Dec 22 2020

Durability and a great feel are the two features I love the most about these bookmarks.
user avatar

Lenny S

Dec 22 2020

The face of good quality and longevity.
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Shayna J. Chesser

Dec 22 2020

These bookmarks are cost effective and also long lasting. They are perfect and saves money! Best part is they can also be personalized and gifted to clients or colleagues. Worth it!

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