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    translucent adhesive vinyl

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    Did you know the Small Business Association named LED signs as the least expensive and most effective form of advertising? When a radio ad runs at around $5 per 1000 impressions, LED displays pull in 1000 impressions for $0.15. More importantly, a study of small business owners found that 86% of businesses who installed LED signs saw new customers coming through the door, and 83% of them saw an uptick in sales. If that’s not convincing enough to print translucent adhesive vinyl for your LED light boxes, I don’t know what is. We offer them in a variety of convenient sizes to choose from, free online proofs, single/double layer prints, low minimums of 1 and a 4 day turnaround. What’s not to like? Place your order today and receive the best printing services online.
    translucent adhesive vinyl

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    Important Artwork Notice!

    This product is recommended for night-time applications with a light box. Translucent vinyl is printed in high density, resulting in a darker appearance when printed and used without a light box. If you would like your print match closer to the color density on your screen please notify us. Single Layer: Suggested for use in daytime applications. Please be aware, colors will lighten if used for night time application with a light box. Double Layer: Suggested for use in night-time applications with a light box. Please be aware, colors will appear darker in Day Time without the use of a light box. F.A.Q. Should I use white or clear acrylic for my light box? For light box applications, our translucent vinyl works best with white acrylic. Clear acrylic is not recommended.

    Available Paper Types:

    • 3mil Translucent Adhesive Vinyl



    Prompt and excellent work....

    Anonymous, Sep 06 2020



    The quality of their products is what keeps me coming back to 4over4 .I am very happy with their products. It is very easy to order on their website and upload your design. The staff are friendly and attentive ensuring your design is perfect before being sent to production. They have caught a few mistakes with my design and saved me money and time. This is my fifth time ordering from them and I am always impressed and I tell everyone to order from them. Keep up the amazing work!

    Roy, Dec 01 2019



    I wasn't sure how the adhesive vinyl would turn out but to my surprise I had nothing to worry about the adhesive is easy to apply and sticks firmly. When I switched on the lightbox the images were really amazing ,the colorful print is bold and eye-catching. I am certain our new restaurant will attract clients. I am very happy with their services and would recommend them to anyone looking for an online printer.

    Britanny, Dec 01 2019


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