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These are the all weather proof type of signs. With Signicade A Frame sidewalk signs, you never have to worry about your messages washing away or missing out on sales because of winter snowstorms or spring showers. These all weather 100 % molded plastic sidewalk signs are professionally printed with your unique graphics and call to action.
signicade a frames

Get Noticed With Signicade A-Frames

Don’t let the rain put a damper on your advertising efforts! With Signicade A Frame sidewalk signs, you never have to worry about your messages washing away or missing out on sales because of winter snowstorms or spring showers.  These all weather 100 % molded plastic sidewalk signs are professionally printed with your unique graphics and call to action.

Unlike the deluxe version, this more affordable custom printed Signicade A Frame does not feature stay tabs to keep signs securely in place. Rather, customers can use fasteners, screws, glue, tape or velcro.

This heavy duty outdoor sign can be filled with sand or water for extra ballast. At just 18 lbs, the customized Signicade A Frame with its molded handle folds up and packs away effortlessly. Each Signicade A Frame comes with two signs that can be ordered with the same graphics, or two distinct designs.

Advertising to the Masses

If your small business is located on a bustling street, then sidewalk signs featuring a powerful message are a sure fire way of getting immediate results. Position signs outside your storefront to announce any number of deals and steals, upcoming events or new products. It couldn’t be easier.

For consumers who have a small window of opportunity to leave their desks for a bite to eat and speed shopping, personalized sidewalk signs offer them detailed information on what they can find if they venture inside. No more having to guess what a particular store or food establishment has to offer. More importantly, consumers can take advantage of sales and midday deals.

Fold and Go

Are you a salesperson? Do you sell your one of a kind jewelry at festivals and flea markets? Do you own and operate a food truck or sell organic produce at outdoor farmers markets? If you do, then custom sidewalk signs like our Signicade A Frame are a perfect way to get the attention of pedestrians.

Simply unfold your plastic all weather sign and position it in front of your cart, food truck or display table. Employ simple and to the point messages that compel passersby to stop and take a look at what you have to offer. More importantly, design an advertisement that gets them pulling out their wallets and making a purchase.

They are so lightweight, they fold and move with you at a moments notice. Take them to trade shows, in-store product demonstrations and anywhere your business takes you.

Powerful Copy

A sidewalk sign is only as good as its copy. Writing a powerful message in as few words as possible is no easy task. The first step is to decide the purpose of your custom sidewalk sign. Is it to announce a sale? new product? promote an event? list services? The reasons small businesses use Signicade A Frame signs are endless.

Here are some helpful hints on how to get the most out of your personalized sidewalk sign:

  • Reel them in with a compelling call to action. A CTA is a message that uses a strong verb to urge people to take an immediate action. For instance, “Visit us”, “Come in”, “Take advantage of”, “Buy now”, “Shop today”, etc.
  • Along with your CTA, you need to create a unique selling point (USP) to let consumers know why they need to act. If you are a cafe/bakery, you may use the phrase “Visit us today and receive a complimentary coffee”. A retail store announcing a sale might choose the words “Take advantage of our low prices”. A travel agency or realtor could write “Come in and book your dream vacation now!” or “Come in - your dream home is waiting for you”.
  • Next, you need to make clear that passersby need to act now. It’s all about creating a fear of missing out (FOMO). A FOMO can be anything from “Buy now while supplies last” or “Shop today - don’t miss out on great savings”.
  • If your custom printed Signicade A Frame is advertising a sales event, go ahead and throw some numbers in there. No self respecting shopper will want to miss out on 25 - 50% off store wide deals.
  • Bars, restaurants, cafes, ice cream shops and bakeries may enlist the help of mouth watering vibrant images. Who can resist a tall cocktail after a long day of work or an image of an ice cream sundae on a hot summer’s day. It’s all about letting your signature drinks and dishes speak for themselves with a CTA like “Buy any two scoops of ice cream and get a free topping”.

Now that you have got willing shoppers in the door, close the deal by offering free samples of food or skin care products. Hand out coupons with every purchase that can be used at a later date. Create cards that can be stamped with each purchase and give customers a free coffee or donut after their card is full. Think of an idea that best suits your particular store and target customer to get the best results.

A customized Signicade A Frame sidewalk sign that allows for two individual graphics is a dynamic addition to any advertising campaign. A sidewalk sign announcing a sale or new product goes perfectly with a postcard mailing. Sidewalk signs that list popular products or dishes pair nicely with menus and flyers. It’s all about implementing marketing strategies that achieve your desired outcome, which of course is increased sales and foot traffic.

At 4OVER4.COM, we take great pride in delivering high quality advertising products to small business owners from coast to coast. We are certain that our Signicade A Frame featuring your custom graphics will help you get the exposure you deserve.

For more details on our Signicade A Frame sidewalk sign, call today at 718-932-2700 and speak to a member of our experienced customer support team. We can also be reached via email, We look forward to working with you!

Thanks for choosing 4OVER4.COM!

Important Artwork Notice!

Signs must be mounted to face with fasteners, screws, tape, glue or velcro. For Quick Change see Deluxe Model. Frame & Signs Ship Separately.

Available Paper Types:

  • 4mm (3/16") Corrugated Plastic

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Nov 27 2019

I had been looking for a while for a signicade A-frame and settled on 4over4 as they had a competitive price and reputation for quality. The online ordering process is easy and simple to follow, I was able to upload my design for the two prints. The customer support team gave me a few tips to improve my design. I was not disappointed, the frame is fantastic, superb quality and the prints came out perfect. So excited to place this outside our cafe and draw in new clients.
user avatar

Mariah K.

Nov 13 2019

4over4 are our go-to printers as they deliver quality products whether you order large or small orders. We needed to promote our summer cocktails and we picked a fun, colorful print to go with our signicade A frame. We placed our order, uploaded our design and shortly after approved our design. We were so impressed when our order arrived, it looked exactly as ordered and we have received plenty of walk-ins.Keep up the amazing work
user avatar

Courtney D.

Dec 12 2019

4over4 are our favorite printers as they always deliver quality goods with great customer service. We have used our signicade A frame for some time now and they still look s good as new and we are able to simple change the print. Great job, guys!

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