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Custom Hang Tags
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Improve the Marketability of Your Product with Custom Hang Tags


Looking for a way to add much needed personality and pizazz to the presentation of your products?'s custom hang tags can help! Hang tags are a marketing staple in the retail world for a number of good reasons. This powerful tool can attract attention to sales, making the difference between consumers purchasing one product over the other. Like any other print marketing materials, hang tag marketing is a science. To get the bests results, you have to put a lot of thought and work into your design!

We use anything from 16pt uncoated soft touch to 24pt ultra thick gloss cover to18pt premium white linen to 26pt metallic pearl ice paper stocks, which feel strong in your potential customers' hands. The premium cardstock instantly reinforces your message and your business' image. Get the hang of hang tag printing and be a success!

Custom hang tags from are not limited to apparel and accessories. Games, toys, sports equipment, electronics, novelties and just about anything you can put on a retail shelf or showroom floor can take advantage of the positive effects of branded tags. You can also use customized hang tags for upscale affairs such as weddings and fundraisers. A beautifully-designed gift tag makes any gift or favor extra special.

Reasons Why Printing Custom Hang Tags is Critical to Success

If you sell garments, fashion accessories or own a clothing brand, you understand the importance of custom hang tags to not only promote your brand, but also attract more sales. Printing hang tags is critical to success. Retail fashion apparel and accessories, all rely on this tool to generate sales. We've come up with four reasons why hang tag printing is highly-beneficial for any business regardless of industry:

  • Hang tags get attention. Hang tags play a pivotal role in drawing attention to your products in industries where many similar products are likely to be grouped together. So, make sure that your tags send a dynamic message and express your brand's personality.
  • Hang tags project an image. Particularly in the fashion and apparel industry, but also true in an array of other industries, customers buy products based on the image a brand or product projects. Therefore, the moment you have your customers' attention, you have to demonstrate why your brand matches their lifestyle.
  • Hang tags spotlight benefits and features. Every marketer is fully aware that benefits and features are relevant to closing sales, and hang tags detail the benefits of using your product's features effectively and easily. By doing so, you lend credibility to your business and brand, while fostering trust from consumers.
  • Hang tags encourage future sales. You can leverage custom tags to encourage future sales simply by including a tear-off coupon to be used later in your own store or used immediately in another store. This strategy may be useful if you're partnering with a complementary business sharing the same customer base.

Stand-Out Design Tips

Using a custom printed hang tag not only showcases your commitment to quality, it also improves the marketability of your product. Taking that extra step when designing a hang tag instills greater confidence in customers, while simultaneously telling them about the advantages of your product. Check out these design tips:

  • Tip #1: Ensure the design contrasts against your product. Use large images and headline fonts when possible or minimize everything for a sophisticated look and branded appeal. The way you position your brand on your tags is up to your unique selling points and your target audience.
  • Tip #2: Prove you're worth it. Convincing consumers to make a purchase is a clothing hang tags' main goal. In order to achieve that , your brand and your product needs to prove it's worth it. We suggest featuring product details like sizes, prices and uses on your tags - these will be your selling points! Information is power.
  • Tip #3: Make it educational. It's not just a powerful print marketing tool, it's also an education and customer assistance tool. Use it as such! As mentioned earlier, a custom hang tag is the perfect place to showcase information like care instructions, your website URL and toll-free number.
  • Tip #4: Think like your customers. When designing your clothing hang tag, ask yourself all the usual questions that come to mind when you're making a purchase. What exactly is the information you yourself look for on a clothing tag? After you've done the research, base your hang tag message on this concept.
  • Tip #5: Big logos work. Your logo should be a proud element in your design. Go for a huge logo! Hang tags drive brand recognition, particularly when it comes to apparel and th accessories industry. You want people to be able to quickly spot your logo. This way, they'll associate your logo with other items that feature your hang tags.

Fun Facts

Ever wondered why clothing tags exist? Nowadays, any standard piece of clothing you pick up at a store will have a handful of tags hidden, including one that prominently showcases the logo of the company. Long before people became obsessed with brands, tags had another purpose. They were a way for labor unions to show their strength. Intrigued? These fun facts will amaze you!

  • Did You Know union tags were used by a range of labor groups in the 20th century? As a matter of fact, the first example ever of such tag came from cigar-makers and dates back to the year 1874. The tag was designed to highlight higher product quality.
  • Did You Know the most famous application of this print product came from the International Ladies Garment Workers' Union? They used the tags as a branding strategy for the union! The union was renowned in the '70s and '80s for its television commercials.

Endless Customization Options

Hang tags cleverly-designed by YOU and printed by the printing pros here at are effective branding tools for your products. Whether you run a cosmetics and beauty products store, an apparel store or just about any retail shop, custom hang tags are a creative way to showcase your brand. Make them your own with our endless customization options showcased below:

  • Choose from rectangular or square tags in sizes ranging from 2" x 2" to 4" x 6". Custom sizes available.
  • Can be printed in a myriad of high-end paper types, from 24pt ultra thick gloss cover to18pt premium white linen to 26pt metallic pearl ice. We also have our environmentally-friendly option: 18pt uncoated cover (100% PCW).
  • Come with a pre-cut hole for added convenience. 5 different hole drilling positions available.
  • Choose from standard finish or luxurious high-gloss UV coating. The latter brings your tag to a whole new level of sophistication.
  • MInimums as low as 50 and as high as 100 thousand prints.

Items that Deliver

Here at, we're devoted to creating high-end print solutions that take your branding to the next level. Once you have built your order on our Instant Price Calculator and uploaded your design file, one of our print experts will review it and send you a free online proof or a next day hard copy proof. Once you give us the greenlight, we will send your project to print.

Take advantage of our lightning fast print turnaround times - choose between same-day to 5 business day print turnaround times and get your custom hang tags as soon as you need them. Is't that simple!

Before you place your order, keep in mind that's coveted hang tag collection offers a wide array of exclusive items. Below you'll find a chart that will help you easily compare standard hang tags with other styles:

Standard Hang Tags Silk Laminated Hang Tags Kraft Hang Tags
Size 7 standard sizes and custom sizes 8 standard sizes 6 standard sizes and custom sizes
Material 14pt Gloss Cover
15pt Cover, Gloss 1 Side (30% PCW)
16pt Gloss Cover
24pt Ultra Thick Gloss Cover
14pt Uncoated Cover (30% PCW)
14pt Cream Uncoated Cover (30% PCW)
16pt Uncoated Cover
16pt Uncoated with Soft Touch
18pt Uncoated Cover (100% PCW)
18pt Cream Uncoated Cover
13pt Uncoated Cover (100% PCW)
14pt White Linen
18pt Premium White Linen
15pt Metallic Pearl Ice
26pt Metallic Pearl Ice
15pt Metallic Pearl Champagne
15pt Metallic Pearl Silver
15pt Metallic Pearl Gold
15pt Synthetic Plastic
18pt Rigid Vinyl (PVC)
16pt Silk Laminated 32pt Kraft 48pt Kraft 64pt Kraft 80pt Kraft
Turnaround Time 0 to 5 business days 4 or 7 business days 1 to 6 business days
Min and Max quantity 50 to 100,000 100 to 25,000 50 to 5,000

Want to take your brand to the next level? Take advantage of custom hang tags from! This dynamic tool adds a professional look and makes your products retail ready. Order yours today!


Below find some frequently asked questions regarding custom printed hang tags.

  1. Can I print in full color on both sides?
    Yes, we offer full color printing on both sides, as well as full color on front with a blank back or full color front with a black ink back.
  2. How many hole drilling positions do you offer?
    We offer a variety of hole drilling positions to suit all applications. Choose from top center, top right, top left, left side middle and left side bottom.
  3. Can I see a proof before my hang tags are printed?
    Yes, a member of our expert staff will review your design and email you a free online proof. Once you have given us your approval, your project will go to print.

Quick Specs:

  • Standard and Custom Sizes Available
  • Optional High Gloss UV
  • 1/8" or 3/16" Drilled Hole
  • Rounded Corners
  • Low 50 Minimums
  • Ready in 0 to 5 Days

Available Paper Types:

  • 14pt Gloss Cover
  • 15pt Cover, Gloss 1 Side (30% PCW)
  • 16pt Gloss Cover
  • 24pt Ultra Thick Gloss Cover
  • 14pt Uncoated Cover (30% PCW)
  • 14pt Cream Uncoated Cover (30% PCW)
  • 16pt Uncoated Cover
  • 16pt Uncoated with Soft Touch
  • 18pt Uncoated Cover
  • 18pt Cream Uncoated Cover
  • 18pt Kraft Uncoated Cover (100% PCW)
  • 13pt Uncoated Cover (100% PCW)


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The finishing was cool
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By Ava M on January 20, 2020
The finishing was cool
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