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Custom Die Cut Label Printing

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What does custom mean? Fit for a particular order! Customized die cut labels are tuned precisely to fit your brand’s requirements or target audience/potential clients.Mostly, every label can be considered a punch label but not each and every label makes use of a custom die. Your brand’s labels come to life when your preferred design, selected from 4OVER4s vast set of templates, is printed on a large roll of label material that is uncut. Read on and discover more about custom die cut labels.

Benefits of Custom Die Cut Label Printing

This type of label is achieved via the use of  a metal die tool to cut out your label shape into a roll, sheet or any other format suitable for a brand or business. 

Such custom cut labels require precision to the extreme which makes it quite a high quality print.

Due to the fact that these punch labels can be printed through almost any technique, as well as be cut into any shape relevant to a brand or business’ product, they possess nearly endless applications. 

These labels have the client in charge of what they feel their clients are comfortable relating to, and provide a chance to variations of products offered by a brand, if present.

Most Popular Materials and Sizes

Unique punched labels promote clients’ trust and communicate professionalism or provision of quality products for a brand or business. Some of the most popular materials in use are:

  • High Gloss (UV coating)
  • Matte
  • Standard White Vinyl

These turn out to produce desirable and attractive custom die cut labels which can be used in any of your brand’s products. 
As far as size is concerned, producing labels that cover the middle part of your product and leave necessary space to the edges, corners, sides and back would come in quite appealing to potential clients.
You don’t want to have extra large labels produced in bulk then find them too large or too small for your product. Such either communicates unprofessionalism, inexperience in your relevant industry and inability to provide quality products.
In size, we at 4OVER4 recommend having a proper label to product ratio which determines the size of your punch label, depending on the product it will be on. The sizes however range from as low as 2 square inches to a preferred size that will be perfect for your product.

Custom Die Cut Label Printing Services at 4OVER4

4OVER4, provides easy and efficient quality service to clients. To place your order on custom die cut labels, in bulk, we guarantee you of a wholesale quote that eventually will give you worthy results.
Reach out to our site, select a particular template that perfectly fits your audience and customize to your liking with our exclusive design tool. 

Have the design sent to you for approval and later on, get your order placed, printed and shipped or picked the same or next day. 

Think die cut labels are the best way to stand out? Feel free to reach out and talk about how it has or can help any brand or business as well as your preferred size that you’d recommend to any brand or business owner’s products!

Important Artwork Notice!

Standard Any Shape Label File Guidelines: All orders must include your CMYK file and the any shape diecut file. The Any Shape File must be created as vector and saved as either an EPS or PDF.  Besides your CMYK file, your uploaded custom shape file must represent the cut line. The custom Any Shape File must be only in 100% black at either .5pt or 1pt thick. Bleed must be 0.125" from the cut line on all sides. Choose the size that best fits your needs and upload the Front CMYK file as well as the Cut Shape File.


How to Pick the Right Size for Your Label :  Simply measure your design from edge to edge, from left to right and up and down .Let's assume your label measures 2.75" X 3.5" at its widest point. Since that size is not listed in the drop down window of standard sizes, simply select "Custom Size" and enter your dimensions. That's it!

Available Paper Types:

  • Uncoated Label
  • Semi-Gloss Label
  • Hi-Gloss Label (Hi-Gloss UV)
  • White Vinyl Permanent
  • White Vinyl Repositionable
  • Clear Label Permanent

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