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frosted etched vinyl

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How to Order Frosted Etched Vinyls

To order Frosted Etched Vinyls, start by selecting your preferred vinyl type from the available options. Next, you can either use the online tool to design your vinyl or upload an already prepared design. Once you’re satisfied with your design, proceed to place your order. This process ensures a personalized approach to meet your specific requirements for windows, glass doors, or other surfaces requiring a frosted appearance.

How to Make Frosted Etched Vinyls

To make Frosted Etched Vinyls, initiate the process by using an online designer tool. You have the option to start from scratch or base your design on an existing template, which can guide your creative process. Alternatively, you can download a blank template and use your preferred software to fine-tune your design. This method allows for customization and precision, ensuring that the final product reflects your vision accurately, ready for application on your chosen surfaces.

frosted etched vinyl

Enjoy Privacy and Stunning Design with Frosted Etched Vinyl

Looking for a unique way to recreate the effect of etched glass? 4OVER4.COM's custom printed frosted etched vinyl elegantly replicates a frosted etched glass look, providing privacy and branding opportunities like no other! Our premium etched glass vinyl is perfect for point of purchase advertising and entrance door logos when a stylish or classic look is needed. The adhesive makes it suitable for both glass and mirror applications!

Must-Have Tool

Less costly than real etched glass, our etched vinyl film allows for some light to pass through, but is still sufficiently opaque to offer privacy for offices, conference rooms in addition to other confidential areas. With this must-have tool, the branding possibilities are endless! You can add a simple frosted vinyl logo to your glass window, use it as a branded privacy film or perhaps you may cover an entire glass wall of your conference room with corporate logos for a striking visual effect.

Unparalleled Printing

4OVER4.COM is widely-renowned for it's high-quality materials, expert finishes and unmatched attention to detail. When ordering etched glass vinyl, we provide customers with many printing options from size to quantity to finishes:

  • Printed as double layer.
  • Create a private atmosphere with frosted etched 4 mil adhesive vinyl.
  • Perfect for office conference rooms.
  • Optional free matte lamination.
  • Waterproof and UV safe.
  • Built to last for years both indoors and outdoors.
  • Select any size you want.
  • Easy to apply and maintain.
  • Our low minimums of one hundred make them suitable for every business, no matter the size.
  • Full color printing available.

User-Friendly Ordering Process

Get your frosted etched vinyl film as fast as you need it! We are proud to offer lighting-fast print turnaround times on our selection of promotional and marketing items. Upload your design file, and select four business-day print turnaround time and get your prints in less than a week! Just approve your free online proof, and our expert staff will take care of the rest.

To learn more about custom printed frosted etched vinyl, email us at and one of our team members will have the answers you need. In a rush? Call 718-932-2700 now!

Important Artwork Notice!

Frosted Etched Vinyl is printed as a Double Layer. Printed color will look darker than the artwork provided because of the clear material being used. Once backing is removed and the product is installed the colors will look closer to what has been provided. Please note this material is not 100% clear and will be slightly visible when installed on clear substrate.

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Nov 02 2019

We always order all our products from 4over4 so when we needed a great way to brand our offices we searched on their site and settled on frosted etched vinyl. The staff are so helpful and knowleage about the product.They always know how to satisfy me from the good quality of the paper the adhesive was perfect.It took afew days they shipped it to me the excat day we agreed on. happy client!
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Nov 03 2019

I honestly was not sure how this would turn out as this was my first time ordering frosted etched vinyl. I wanted to put them up at our meeting room to give it some privacy while still looking professional and appealing. It was easy to navigate and place my order and the staff was so responsive in answering my questions and giving me tips to improve my design. My package arrived on time and I was so happy with the finished product.Thanks, 4over4
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Oct 26 2019

I have used 4over4 around 5 times before and its always amazing and fun when I receive my products. The Vinyl came out exactly as I expected and as usual,they are fast with shipping. Keep it up!

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