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Holographic Business Cards

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A holographic business card changes color and intensity when seen at different angles. We print them on high-quality holographic cardstock. The result is text and images that glimmer and are hard to miss. These business cards are like neon signs that fit in a wallet. 

Holographic business cards don't just captivate; they help you stand out from competitors and will complement your business. For example, some fashion and beauty brands sell holographic products such as bags or fingernails. Therefore, a hologram-printed business card design will complement this kind of offer. 

Due to its special effect, the design is popular in these industries:

  • Virtual Reality
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence)
  • Entertainment
  • Blogging/Vlogging
  • Real Estate
  • Design and Creative
  • Fashion and Beauty

Holographic Business Card Printing Format

You can order custom holographic business cards to suit your specific business need. 
Choose from different color effects, namely:

  • Raised rainbow holographic
  • Holographic silver, and
  • Holographic gold


Holographic silver is the most popular effect. Here, silver is the base color, while your business card retains the rainbow-like shine. In comparison, the gold effect has gold as the base color for your hologram-printed card design. 

Also, select the side to apply your effect. We print the holographic effect on the front by default. But you can have the effect on both sides of your business card. 

Empty areas of your artwork design best reveal the holographic effect. But colors will mix with the silver or gold effect. Lighter colors blend with the hologram effect, creating a silvery tint when printed. Conversely, darker colors blend less with the holographic material. 

The colors black and white almost entirely cover up the holographic material and are helpful to contrast your design and break up the holographic effect at times. So a matte black color, for example, will break the holographic design but still be noticeable due to its contrast. 

Why Are These Business Cards Popular?

Holographic business cards are unique and difficult to replicate. So organizations that adopt these business cards get noticed. Also, holographic cards are long-lasting since we print them on holographic cardstock. 

In addition, they are attractive. The iridescent effect on these cards can highlight your business name or logo. As a result, a hologram-printed card will create a lasting impression that will intrigue your audience.

Businesses wanting to avoid getting muddled up in the competition can explore holographic business card printing. 

Get Custom Holographic Business Cards at 4OVER4

4OVER4 has over 20 years of online printing experience. We’re the leading business card manufacturer in NYC, USA. So we can help you print holographic business cards. 

It’s easy to buy hologram-printed cards on 4OVER4. Simply choose the card size and order quantity. We use holographic cardstock for this kind of print. 

Next, choose from the gold,  silver, or Raised rainbow holographic type, depending on what suits your design need. Also, decide whether to apply the holographic effect to one side or both sides of your business card. 

Choose your proof option and your print turnaround time. The online proof option shows you what your business cards will look like after printing them. This option allows you to make changes to your design, and we print when you’re happy. Similarly, the turnaround time option will enable you to decide the urgency of your order. Choose a shorter turnaround time for urgent orders. 

Lastly, upload your artwork and input your address and preferred delivery method. Our system lets you track your order to know when you’d get your job. Remember, you can choose a business card template for free from our library if you want editable, ready-to-use business card designs. 

Do you have a service or product for sale? Ensure clients are eager to reach you when you advertise your brand with hologram-printed cards. 

Important Artwork Notice!

Follow Prepared Instructions. Please prepare CMYK File with all design areas that do not have a holographic foil finish. You MUST include a 100% Black Foil Mask of your design elements to be printed with Rainbow Holographic Silver or Gold.

Only one foil color is available per card design, whether you print on the front, back, or both sides.

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