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Custom Holographic Stickers

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Custom holographic stickers are helpful for branding and marketing purposes. The holographic effect and unique custom shape will capture the buyer’s attention and make your product stand out. 

These stickers can carry your logo, brand name, or relevant business information and will glue to most surfaces. You can apply these stickers on products, packaging, promotional materials, and other items for a distinct look. 

Why Are Holographic Stickers Special?

Holographic stickers are attractive for several reasons:

1. Attractive design: They have a unique, eye-catching appearance. The rainbow-like shine help customers notice your product from the countertop of supermarkets. Thus, these stickers can help you sell more units of your product.

2. Security measures: You can use them to add a layer of security to a product or packaging. Holographic designs are difficult to replicate. So items with a missing or nonidentical sticker are seen as inauthentic. Hence, these stickers help improve customer loyalty, patronage, and satisfaction. 

3. Versatility: You can customize to various sizes, shapes, and colors, depending on your marketing needs. Also, you can apply these stickers to products or packaging as necessary. 

4. Durability: They are weather and tear-resistant. These stickers are unaffected by exposure to sun or rain. So they'll last without losing quality for the duration of your product. As a result, they are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

5. Premium look: Consumers base buying decisions on packaging and labels. So, your product packaging must correspond to your product’s value. Hologram-printed stickers will give your makeup packaging, beauty, or health product that premium look and feel. 

So, an effective holographic sticker is:

  • Impossible to replicate
  • Durable with strong adhesion
  • Weather and water resistant
  • Tamper-proof and 
  • Attractive 


Customization Options

Choose from these customization options when you order custom holographic stickers:

  • Size
  • Quantity
  • Effect color
  • Die-cutting
  • Proof option

You can choose the size and quantity of your stickers to meet your specific needs. No minimum quantity exists, so you can order a few stickers or make bulk orders, depending on your requirement. 

Also, you can get the following holographic pattern for your sticker design:

  • Rainbow foil
  • Sparkle foil
  • Cracked ice foil
  • Void foil
  • Faceted spin foil
  • Hyperplaid foil
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