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Holographic Edge Business Cards

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Edge Gilded business cards have unique, eye-catching edges to them. Similarly, Holographic Edge Gilded business cards utilize the holographic effect to achieve an attention-grabbing, rainbow-like, or silver-like shine. We apply holographic foil to the edges of your card to create a stunning look.

They are popular with design, fashion, and entertainment professionals who must maintain a visually striking image. In addition, they're ideal for a luxury brand, where a high-end image is essential.

Our holographic edge gilded business cards come in 32pt and 48pt silk laminated or 32pt, and 48pt velvet laminated paper types, offering a luxurious and sturdy feel. These high-quality paper options provide added benefits, such as durability and a tactile experience that conveys professionalism and prestige. Furthermore, they can be foil stamped on the front and back for an extra touch of elegance.

We’d now see how holographic edge cards ensure you stand out from the competition and how to order them online.

Stand Out with Holographic Edge Business Cards

Holographic Edge Gilded business cards bring a touch of pizzazz to your professional image. With their shimmering edges, these cards captivate and intrigue, instantly creating a lasting impression on potential clients and collaborators.
Favored by design, fashion, and entertainment professionals, they are a powerful tool for those who must maintain a visually striking presence. They're also perfect for luxury brands seeking to project an upscale image.
Now, let's explore how these dazzling business cards can elevate your brand and make you stand out in a sea of ordinary cards.
Holographic Edge business cards grab attention with their colorful, iridescent edges. When light hits these cards, it creates a mesmerizing, rainbow-like effect that is impossible to ignore. This striking feature ensures your cards won't be easily forgotten, making them an invaluable asset for networking and promoting your business.
In addition, these cards convey a sense of innovation and creativity. By utilizing cutting-edge printing techniques to produce visually stunning cards, you demonstrate your commitment to staying at the forefront of your industry. This not only makes you memorable but also associates your brand with qualities such as originality, imagination, and forward-thinking.

Benefits of Holographic Edge Gilded Business Cards

A Holographic Edge card has these unique benefits:

Memorable and attention-grabbing: These cards are visually striking and will catch the eye of potential clients and contacts. As a result, clients will remember your offer long after the initial meeting.

Unique and distinctive: they are uncommon, so they can help users stand out amidst traditional business cards. 

Showcases creativity and innovation: They help professionals showcase their creativity and innovation in industries where visual appeal is critical. 

High-quality and durable: They are printed with high-quality paper stock, such as 32pt and 48pt silk laminated or velvet laminated paper, making the cards very durable.

Customizable: Depending on your design needs, you can choose between holographic gold or silver edges. Also, a foil stamping option allows you to print text or design with attractive-looking foil. 

How To Order Holographic Edge Business Cards 

You can order Holographic Edge Gilded business cards easily on 4OVER4. Simply choose your desired size, order quantity, and paper type. 

Then select your preferred foil color or stamping option. The online proof option means you can review your design before printing. Our price calculator will display your expense, so you’re within budget.

Finally, upload your business card artwork or use our online designer tool to create one, then choose a delivery or pick-up method to conclude. 


4OVER4 is the leading printing service company in NYC, USA. We offer great turnaround times and premium-quality prints. 

So Order our Holographic Edge Gilded business cards for more effective marketing. Alternatively, you can browse other business card products.

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Feb 15 2023

The holographic edge design is stunning and adds a touch of elegance to the cards. The gilded finish is also very impressive and gives the cards a high-end look and feel.