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    reflective pvc board

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    Is there any point to getting a sign that only works during the day and is useless at night? No. So why not get one that can work around the clock. Reflective PVC Boards are ideal to maximize on your message all through the day and that means that you can reach more people. Made out of micro beaded plastic that renders a high reflective display you can see the sign from virtually every angle, making these signs an effective form of signage and advertisement for traffic heavy intersections, road signs and other outdoor uses.These portable, durable signs can be customized with your design, printed on both sides and if need be have grommets put in for different applications. Ready to partner with us? With 20 years experience in our arsenal, we offer you a hassle free, satisfactory experience.
    reflective pvc board

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    Important Artwork Notice!

    Shipping Oversized Rigid Products: Maximum Size that can be shipped with UPS without additional handling fees is 38" x 46". The UPS price in the Instant Price Calculator will only hold for projects up to that size. No exceptions. If your project is larger, you will need to switch to customer pickup, messenger, or we will need to custom price the shipping to reflect the oversized package surcharges imposed by UPS on a project by project basis.

    Available Paper Types:

    • PVC Rigid Plastic



    4over4 always have such amazing products and the reflective PVC board did not disappoint. The quality is firm and overall impression is professional. The ordering process was efficient with great customer service. They spotted a spelling mistake and alerted me to correct it. This is my fifth time ordering from them and I am always impressed with the customer service and quality product. Keep up the amazing work

    A, Jan 12 2020



    We were using ordinary boards but most people could not see them clearly at night. A friend recommended we purchase reflective PVC boards. We looked around for a good deal and found one on the 4over4 site.It was easy to navigate and place my order and the staff was so responsive in answering my questions and giving me tips to improve my design. We received our package on time and once we hung them up everyone could now easily see them. Awesome job!

    Steve H., Jan 12 2020


    Reliable printer

    I have ordered from a few printing companies but 4over4 is always reliable and consistent. They treat all the orders placed as important even if it is a single item. Keep up the amazing job.

    Cece G, Dec 29 2019


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