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Kraft Menus

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How to order Kraft Menus

To order Kraft Menus, first, choose your preferred menu size and paper quality tailored for your restaurant or event. Next, either use an online design tool to create your menu directly on the printer's website or upload your own pre-designed menu layout. Finally, review your design, confirm the quantity, and place your order. This process combines efficiency with customization, ensuring your menus reflect the quality and ethos of your dining experience.

How to make Kraft Menus

Making Kraft Menus starts with deciding between creating a custom design or utilizing an existing template. For a unique design, use an online designer tool, starting from scratch to ensure your menu perfectly aligns with your brand. Alternatively, start from an existing template that matches your aesthetic, making personalized tweaks as needed. If you prefer using your own software, download a blank template from the printing service, design your menu, and then upload it for printing. This approach provides flexibility, allowing you to leverage professional tools or your creativity.

kraft menus

18-Point Kraft Menus: Elegant, Raw & Natural


Our Kraft Menus:

•  Thick 18-Point Kraft Stock
•  100% recycled kraft
•  Full color printing in either one or both sides with Optional 5th Color White
•  Choose your ideal size: 8" x 10", 8.5" x 11", 9" x 12", and 11" x 17"
•  Ready in 2 to 5 Days
•  Low minimum of 100 units.



Thanks to our expert team with over fifteen years of experience and our cutting-edge printing technology, we always guarantee premium materials and attention to detail. No matter the size of the job, we are devoted to producing print marketing materials that truly impress!

Important Artwork Notice!

If you have CMYK images on your kraft product, when printing only 4-color, (ie: 4/0, or 4/4), colors will appear different to when printed on a white paper. CMYK images cannot be printed "true to color" on kraft cardstock without using a 5th Color White as a backer to your CMYK images(s). If you are color critical, please make sure to select Optional White Ink (ie: 5/0, or 5/5 if your job has double sided printing).


In addition, if you do not use a 5th Color White, elements in your design that are white will be blank (hence show the brown paper). The paper stock will affect the way that colors appear due to the slightly translucent quality of the ink (you will see the brown paper through the ink, especially in lighter shades). Colors in the orange, yellow, brown spectrum will tend to not be visible as the brown color of the paper will not contrast enough with the ink. This occurs with light and pastel colors as well. Review the information at the link provided before ordering this product.

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Dec 22 2020

These have all the right specifications and the cherry on top of the cake is their affordability.
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Angela R.

Dec 22 2020

This are just perfect!
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Sarah E. Edwards

Dec 22 2020

They are sure to attract customers and make them keep coming for more. It can be customized nicely to suit the restaurant delicacies.

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