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    quik sign a frame

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    If you are setting up a real estate viewing or corporate convection for your firm, you can leverage a quik sign A frame with your message on it. Give instructions, information, directions, or even a list in an effective and easy to set up way because all you need to do is to set it at the area of your choice, and it will stand and display your information in an attention grabbing way while taking up minimal space. Its ease of use is enhanced by the lack of tape, screws, and velcro as you just slide the sign in and out while the grabber hinges at the top can hold a top rider sign you buy separately. Easy to carry as it folds flat and has a molded handle, it is stable in windy conditions due to a stabilizing brace and is also durable in heavy-duty outdoor use and won't splinter or rust, so get one and get marketing.
    quik sign a frame

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    Available Paper Types:

    • 4mm (3/16") Corrugated Plastic


    easy stamp

    very easy to use

    Carrisa Smith, Mar 15 2023


    Lightweight yet super-strong

    Lightweight yet super-strong, these simply blow everything else out of the water!

    Adam W. Grange, Dec 22 2020


    I'm impressed by the design.

    I'm impressed by the design.

    Bobbie T., Dec 22 2020


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