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Real Estate Business Cards

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Did you know that a client should not hold a business card for more than 10 seconds? Why? If it takes them too long to read through then your card is a failure! What can be of more disappointment to real estate and realtor clients if not such? I mean, if you can’t wow me with your advertisement, how am I supposed to be wowed by the property you develop or showcase?

Brand cards for real estate should exhibit a modern and appealing look. Just like luxury business cards, real estate cards should communicate impressiveness and worth! Trust this, it is very essential to have an appealing card, especially as a realtor or an agent in the real estate or construction industry. Don’t trust me? Read on and know why they’re essential!


Importance of Real Estate Business Cards

The real estate industry is full of major stakeholders from all walks of life, with sole intentions of being project sponsors or potential buyers. Just like any investor with business cards, you increase your potential of presenting your identity, intentions and role! Here’s a more indepth set of reasons to why you need a business-based card as a real estate consultant or even agent.


Identity of realtor with business cards

Real estate, as an industry, is heavy on sales and persuasion. A name card, agent card or a tag hanging on your neck, on site, is not just enough to persuade clients of your role and identity. Remember, this might be the next successful client you persuade to acquire property!
Your card might and should instead list the following:

  • Your Name
  • Brand Logo
  • Job title and Brand/ Business name
  • Contact Information
  • A catchphrase
  • Website


Realtor business cards impression

Still stressing on the essential nature of cards for your brand, in Real Estate, for any agent, going on field visits with or without clients is inevitable. 

Property visiting cards for introduction are not a bad way of advertisement but there is an expression of professionalism and legitimacy, as a built impression to clients, if a card is provided.

A unique card with a photo is able to make a strong lasting impression on potential buyers and even sellers!


Create realtor business cards and elevate your brand!

4OVER4 provides a wide range of options for cool and appealing business-based cards to be used in the real estate business rather, industry. An example of how this can be accomplished is through the selection of preferred templates from a wide range of already designed and uploaded ones.

The 4OVER4 exclusive design tool will give you, as a business owner, an opportunity to create what would be a top rated brand card that can also be used by executives in the industry. This can be for even personal or commercial use.

Head over to our website, select a template that suits your audience, you can even pick a shape that resonates with your line of work, say a house shaped card, and customize it to your liking.

A free copy for proof will be ready, at your disposal and you can now have your order placed, printed, cut out and sent right away to you! Same day or even the next!


Printing real estate agent card in bulk at 4OVER4

4OVER4 boasts of being the best in providing top business or brand card solutions to clients and having beyond industry standard products/output. Printing is done skillfully and in a fashioned manner, whether for bulk or wholesale orders.

The least amount we can print is a hundred pieces, convenient and low-price for a startup or young business in the real estate industry. We pride ourselves in creating the best output within the shortest time possible to achieve customer satisfaction and trust. Would you look at that! Speed and accuracy in delivery of quality and worth for your money! 

Feel free to ping us and place your order today and see your sales scale heights! Join us and let us build together. 
Keep in mind that each time you make a purchase, you will be granted 4OVER4 rewards coins in your My Influence account. This is an opportunity for you to get free stuff without spending a penny. These coins can be exchanged for a variety of options, including our products or services, 200 complimentary business cards, or even gift cards from other websites. So start ordering now.

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Feb 08 2023

The quality of the printing and paper is top-notch, and the cards make a great impression on everyone I hand them to. I've received numerous compliments on the design and print quality, and I know they'll help me make a lasting impact on my clients.