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    Important Artwork Notice!

    Lays flat on surface. Not a paper weight.

    Available Paper Types:

    • 17pt Indoor Magnet


    Great product

    Excellent customer service


    Kevin Allen Feb 09 2023

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    Print looks very nice, but...

    The printing is very good... But the paper stock has something left to be desired. I understand that totally free is expensive to the provider and I am grateful for the product... What I'm trying to say is, the card stock should be heavier. But a sincere thank you for a very useful and helpful product and service.


    B. LaGrange Nov 01 2022

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    great way to keep reminders

    these have been a must have for my business, best way tp get return customers if they use your magnet on the fridge!


    S. Reaver Apr 21 2021

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