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business card magnets

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How to Order Business Card Magnets

To order business card magnets, start by selecting your preferred magnet type and size. You can effortlessly design your magnet online or upload an existing design. Once satisfied, finalize your design and place your order through the printing company’s website. This straightforward process allows you to customize your product to suit your business needs, ensuring a professional look that stands out.

How to Make Business Card Magnets

Making business card magnets begins with crafting your design. You can use an online designer tool to start from scratch or opt for an existing template to get a head start. Alternatively, download a blank template and edit it with your preferred software to ensure your design meets specific criteria. This approach provides flexibility in design, allowing for creativity and adherence to branding requirements.

business card magnets

Flat Business Card Magnets


Don't let your business cards end up in the recycling bin! Buy magnetic business cards from and savor the results. Business card magnets give your customers the option of placing your business magnets on their refrigerator, filing cabinet or any other metal service.

Customers don't have to sift through desk drawers or the bottom of their bags to find your card. Magnet business cards allow customers fast and easy access to your contact information. Need we say more!!

For business card magnets that leave the competition in the dust, trust to give you quality and unrivaled customer support every time. All you need to do to order your business card magnet from us is supply us with your company logo, original artwork and contact information. Our business cards magnets come in 2"x3.5" and are printed in full color on the front and blank on the back. We also make magnets in sizes 3"x4", 4"x6", 5"x7" or any custom size of your choosing. Whether you are a pizzeria, beauty salon, doctor or dentist, business card magnets offer inexpensive and valuable advertising results!

Take advantage of top quality printing products, affordable prices and free proofs before you pay with leading online printer!!

To learn more about our business card magnets, call us at customer support (718)932-2700 or send us an email

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Important Artwork Notice!

Lays flat on surface. Not a paper weight.

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Product Reviews


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Kevin Allen

Feb 09 2023

Excellent customer service
user avatar

B. LaGrange

Nov 01 2022

The printing is very good... But the paper stock has something left to be desired. I understand that totally free is expensive to the provider and I am grateful for the product... What I'm trying to say is, the card stock should be heavier. But a sincere thank you for a very useful and helpful product and service.
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S. Reaver

Apr 21 2021

these have been a must have for my business, best way tp get return customers if they use your magnet on the fridge!

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