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How to Order Premium Labels

To order premium labels, first, choose your preferred label type and size that fits your needs. You can then design your labels directly online using customizable templates or upload your own design to the platform. After finalizing your design, simply place your order. This process ensures a straightforward way to acquire high-quality, custom labels tailored to your specifications.

How to Make Premium Labels

Making premium labels begins with designing them using an online designer. You can either start from scratch to bring your unique ideas to life or use an existing template as a foundation for your design. Alternatively, you can download a blank template and edit it using your preferred software to meet the specific requirements of your project. This method allows for greater flexibility and personalization in creating premium labels.

premium labels

Get Your Products Noticed With Premium Labels

According to a survey carried out by ProdegeMR, 39 percent of respondents stated that the label "cruelty free/vegan" on cosmetic products was important to them. Another product label was "natural/organic" with 20 percent of the respondents considering it to be important when buying cosmetics. This proves that the content or information on a label matters. It’s the little things that make the difference and investing in premium labels is one of the most powerful marketing strategies every small business should consider where applicable.

Level up your packaging with multi color premium label solutions to make even the most distracted customer remember the name of your business. All you have to do is choose the design from one of our hundreds of templates or design one from scratch with our design tool and we will take care of the rest. Expect high-quality premium labels that will elevate your packaging to a 5 stars rating!

Custom Premium Labels Represent Your Brand in Style

Premium quality, personalized labels are a veritable marketing asset. After all, the label is the first thing that a client will check when deciding whether to buy the products you are selling, in order to check out the price.
And when they do, make sure you make an impression with a classy design that conveys a positive message about your business! With over 20 years experience supporting small businesses with premium label printing services, we commit ourselves to provide you with high-quality, durable, and elegant labels.
Incase you’re wondering who can provide you with a premium label supply that is unique, classy, and cheap at the same time, look no further. You have found the perfect print partner in us.

Premium Labels Make You Different From The Rest

Now that you know where to find your premium label supply, consider taking advantage of our wholesale pricing!
Only we can offer a low price, excellent customer service, an easy to use design tool, hundreds of templates and fast delivery, all rolled into one! And if you need a larger quantity of labels, fear not: we got your back. Enjoy the extra discount on our already inexpensive prices when you order in bulk or take advantage of the weekly offers!

 Available Paper Types:

At 4OVER4, customization starts with the paper type. From white vinyl to fancy colors, the choice is up to you. Personalize your premium labels to truly reflect the image of your brand, and choose the material that is most compatible with your vision! From simple uncoated paper to premium printable vinyl sticker paper, we are here to meet your needs!
Some of the options available include:

  • Uncoated Label
  • Semi-Gloss Label
  • Hi-Gloss Label (Hi-Gloss UV)
  • White Vinyl Permanent
  • White Vinyl Repositionable
  • Clear Cling Label
  • White Cling Label
  • Clear Label Permanent
  • Clear Vinyl Repositionable
  • Fluorescent Red
  • Fluorescent Pink
  • Fluorescent Orange
  • Fluorescent Yellow
  • Pastel Blue
  • Pastel Green
  • Pastel Pink
  • Pastel Yellow
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Brown Kraft

Tips For Designing Premium Labels

If designing the front part of a product label, you can add most of the information there including:

  • The name of the product
  • A logo 
  • Units of measurement that denotes the size, quantity or weight of the item
  • A short description or tag line

When designing the back side of the label you can add the following information.

  • A list of ingredients
  • A product story
  • Directions for use

When it comes to the design itself, keep the following pointers in mind.

  • Make the font readable
  • Create a distinction of information using typographic pairing
  • Create space with white space to separate information or create a visual distinction

The 4OVER4 Design tool is one of the easiest and advanced tools to create professional, high-quality designs in minutes for your premium labels. If you have an idea in mind but are unsure how to realize it, request for a custom quote on the site or reach out to us through the email
You can create something perfect from scratch or use one of our beautiful pre-designed templates.

  • A gallery with ver 10,000 Ready-Made Templates and growing!
  • Access to over 3 Million High Quality, Stunning Free Images 
  • Full-powered customization of fonts, colors, objects, clips, icons, frames, and much more
  • Do you want any variation on one of the available templates? We got you as well!

Remember, for every purchase you make you will be rewarded with 4OVER4 rewards coins in your My Influence dashboard. My Influence Rewards is a one-of-a-kind Rewards Program that allows you to earn 4OVER4 rewards coins without spending a dime! You can redeem the coins for our products or services, 200 free business cards, or cool gift cards from other websites.

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Sep 01 2019

Color was vibrant, labels delivered on time, adhesion was good. Thanks!
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Sharon DeVault

Jun 23 2019

print quality was great and paper quality was excellant
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Sharon DeVault

Jun 11 2019

Quick Turn Around wonderful water resistent labels

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