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3D Lenticular Magnets

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How to Order 3D Lenticular Magnets

To order 3D Lenticular Magnets, first, choose your preferred lenticular effect and size for the magnets. Next, design your magnet online using the provider's design tools or upload your pre-made magnet design. Once your design is finalized, review your order details, including quantity and shipping options, and place your order. This process ensures you receive a product tailored to your promotional or personal needs with a stunning visual effect.

How to Make 3D Lenticular Magnets

Making 3D Lenticular Magnets involves two main design approaches. Use an online designer tool provided by your printing service to start from scratch or select from an existing template to customize. Alternatively, download a blank template and use your preferred software to edit and design your magnet. Both methods allow for creative freedom in designing a magnet with a 3D effect that captures attention, whether for business promotion or personal use.

3d lenticular magnets

3D Lenticular Magnets

3D Lenticular Magnets are the perfect reminder for anything from your delivery service to the Big Day’s “save the date”. Unexpected, fun, and indeed magnetic these fridge-favorites are available in the most realistic motion effects in the market: 3D Depth, Flip, Animation, Morph, Zoom, 5D, and Combinations! It’s like a tiny video you can glue anywhere.

Why 3D Lenticular Printing is Irresistible: 

A picture says a thousand words, multiple pictures tell a story. Our vibrant, crisp, and realistic 3D effects bring out the 4D experience of a modern movie theater to a small custom printed magnet that lays flat on the surface and lets your artwork virtually pop.

You know those plain magnets they give you at the pizza place that you kept until Seamless was a thing? These are nothing like that; they’re so much fun, people love to keep them!

Printed with hard to find proprietary technology, our 3D Lenticular magnets fuse two or more graphics into one seamless motion effect that people can’t help but play with.

Vivid 3D Effects. Unparalleled Prints.

Advances in technology have turned 3D lenticular printing into a veritable powerhouse for marketing, advertising, and event planning. The new effects, angles, and crisp quality of the prints provide unlimited possibilities for design and application.

As one of the first printers in the US to own this technology, we give you the opportunity of disrupting your market with these unique prints. 

3D Lenticular Magnet Effects:

Drive actions and get results with fascinating 3D Lenticular Magnets made with one or more of these effects:

3D Depth Effect:

3D Depth lenticular magnets or 3D layered magnets create the illusion of movement from slight changes in independent objects within your piece, separated by layers. This perspective effect adds depth and that out-of-page feel to your 3D lenticular magnets.

Flip Effect:

The most well known 3D Lenticular printing effect. Two images are sliced into very thin stripes and merged back together in two flips, resulting in a motion effect that happens when you move the print from side to side or up and down.

For successful 3D Lenticular Magnets with a Flip effect, choose only a handful of visuals to play with; fewer images render more effective prints. We recommend  2 to 3 graphics, with a maximum of 6 for this effect. Drastically different images work really well with the 3D Lenticular flip effect.

Animation Effect:

The animation effect is the closest thing to having video in a printed format; it’s like watching a 10-sec movie clip on a magnet. For our 3D Lenticular Magnets, we take several consecutive images and merge them into one fluid print. 

Morph Effect:

3D Lenticular magnets with morph effect gradually fuse photos together to create a transformation illusion. Perfect for images with equal or similar backgrounds where the main subject changes into something else. Think of blooming flowers or aging people.


Zoom Effect:

3D Lenticular Bookmarks with a zoom effect bring objects from a far distance into the foreground or vice versa, effectively “zooming in” and “out.” For the best results, select artwork that shares the same background and can be looped into a single image that has no obvious beginning or end.

3D Lenticular Print Combination :

The most complex and outrageous 3D Lenticular printing options, merging two or more signature effects for highly personalized 3D lenticular magnets. Choose one of the following effects for prints that seem to escape their format and jump right at you.

  • 3D Depth + Flip

  • 3D Depth + Animation

  • 5D Depth

Also available for bookmarks, stickers, greeting cards, coasters, pocket folders, notebooks, posters, and more.

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Raymond M.

Dec 22 2020

3D lenticular magnets! It's amazing that you can choose between 2, 3, or 4 flips and get optional rounded corners. With an 18 day turnaround, the perfection that will be delivered is worth the wait.
user avatar

Christie J.

Dec 22 2020

Magnificent magnets for magnificent people.
user avatar

Kelly L. Power

Dec 22 2020

These are super outstanding, and dazzling all at the same time. I like!

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