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Virtually Indestructible Outdoor Floor Graphics

Give your neighbors’ phone a much-needed break with the Clint Eastwood of outdoor floor graphics. Perfect for heavy-traffic intersections. These all-weather, no skid, reflective floor graphics make people stop in their tracks, put the phone down, and make an irresistible U-turn straight into your store (online and off!)

Our Aluminum Floor Graphics feature a rugged, textured aluminum surface, asphalt-ready adhesive, and eco-friendly materials. It’s one of the sturdiest and most sustainable outdoor promotion options out there.  Think monster truck power and color, but with the environmental impact of a scooter. 

Plus that incredible shine when hit by natural or artificial light. You just can’t miss it.

  • Banana-peel safe: sand-textured, non-skid, surface

  • Stickier than gum: perfect for asphalt, concrete, and brick

  • Rugged: Like Clint Eastwood. Withstands the harshest climates (snow, rain, and shine)

  • Durable: Direct Printed with UV Cured Inks. Lasts for Months.  More than our last relationship.*

  • Reflects light in unprinted areas (day/night) 

  • Easy peel-and-stick installation

  • OHS standard safe in dry and wet conditions

  • Leaves no residue

  • Environmentally friendly (No PVC)

  • Dispose with aluminum recycling!

  • Locally sourced (made in the USA)

It lasts so long the only downside is using it for a bad knock-knock joke. You bring the vision; we print it to stand the test of time.

 * When properly applied Aluminum Floor Graphic can last for months. We can’t remember our last relationship.

** NOTE: Harsh conditions and /or extreme traffic may wear down the slip resistance and require the graphics to the replaced earlier for safety precautions. Indoor applications and locations with lighter pedestrian traffic can exceed life expectancy. Typical life expectancy varies greatly between indoor and outdoor applications as well as how harsh the weather conditions or foot traffic. Life expectancy of 3-12 Months can be expected.

Available Paper Types:

  • 8mil Textured Aluminum Foil Vinyl
  • Design Templates
  • Blank Templates

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    "Love you too baby girl"


    A. Ray Feb 20 2022

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We have time and again been reminded of the importance of non-invasive signage, and it gets no less invasive than with floor graphics. Aluminum floor graphics are therefore a clear winner- durable, functional, and cost-effective, this is exactly what your store needs in order to comply with council rules, or just overall efficiency. Work with the best, and everyone will notice your effort when you are a few steps ahead of everyone in your floor graphics which will last and last..........and last!

Tips For Designing a Killer Aluminum Floor Graphics

A huge part of landing your dream job or attracting the attention of potential customers is how you present yourself to your audience. Powerful communication tools are a must. And personalized cards can exude charm and highlight your business persona. Here is a list of do's and don'ts when it comes to this must-have print product:

  • Ensure to have the correct size for transportation
  • Get an online proof before printing
  • Use legible clear font size
  • Avoid crowding the sign
  • Do not overuse color
  • Do not forget to think through the location


Yes, we have various places for you to learn more about how to use our products to market your company or services.
Not only do we recycle 100% of our waste paper, but 4OVER4.COM's policy is to manage inventory and production to minimize waste as much as possible and recycling anything possible.
We offer Direct Mail Services for Postcards and Brochures . Once selecting those options you can upload a spreadsheet with the mailing list along with the artwork.

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