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30mil White Plastic Card with Key Tag Combo

Credit card thickess white plastic cards with 1 Key Tag combo come with several benefits such as foil stamping, spot UV and matte, or UV gloss finish. They are versatile enough for any application and are durable, and long-lasting. A great multi-purpose marketing tool for membership and loyalty rewards programs. Highly recommended for spas, fitness clubs, yoga studios and salons. Also perect for retail stores, cafes and restaurants. Promote your business, gym, church or club with a high quality printed plastic card and key tag combo from 4OVER4.COM.

Choose from over 20 foil colors, and enjoy several other benefits by placing your order with 4OVER4. We are your leading online print platform for all kinds of marketing collaterals.

Here are the quick specifications for our range of White Plastic Cards-

    • Size: 4.5" x 2.125"

    • 30mil White Plastic (Credit Card Thickness)

    • Also available: Plastic Card Combos with 2 Key Tags, 3 Key Tags, 5 Key Tags & 7 Key Tags with a Custom Quote
    • Scored and Laser Cut for accurate and easy tear-off of key tag
    • UV Gloss or Matte Silk Laminated Finish

    • Optional Foil Stamping & Spot UV Coating

    • Over 20 Foil Colors Available

    • Optional Magnetic Stripe & Encoding Available

    • Barcoding with Numbering

    • Sequential Numbering or Other Variable Data

    • Optional Scratch Off with Pin

    • Ready in 15 Days

Thanks to our expert team with over twenty years of experience and our cutting-edge printing technology, we always guarantee premium materials and attention to detail. No matter the size of the job, we are devoted to producing print marketing materials that truly impress!

Important Artwork Notice!

If ordering optional foil stamping, please follow the Prepared Instructions. Please prepare CMYK File with all design areas that do not have a metallic foil finish. You MUST include a 100% Black Foil Mask of the elements of your design to be stamped with foil. Only one foil color is available per card design, whether you print on the front, back or both sides. Furthermore, if you are ordering optional spot or raised spot UV, please follow the Prepared Instructions found on the same page in the link below under Spot UV. Once again, you must include a SEPERATE 100% Black Foil Mask of the elements of your design to be spot UV coated.

Available Paper Types:

  • 30mil White Plastic (Credit Card Thickness)

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  • These are the best thing in town!

    "With a minimum of 500 pieces and optional foil stamping, these are the best thing in town!"


    R. Easton Dec 23 2020

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  • Timely and fly!

    "Timely and fly!"


    Vernon R. Dec 23 2020

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  • Customers will appreciate

    "Custom key tags will make anyone pay attention. Customers will appreciate them more."


    Nicholas L. Dec 23 2020

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Imagine carrying your brand around everywhere you go. In your car, in your house, while with your friends, in board meetings and so on. Then people keep getting attracted to your key tags and desire to interact with your business. Our plastic cards with key tags will raise the right eyebrows. We design them on very durable plastic such that you don't have to worry about fading or wearing out. You can also get crucial information about your brand or business on the plastic card so that anyone who looks at it will understand what your business deals in and where they can find you. We will also include your contacts so that if you give these plastic cards with key tags, they will be your ambassadors in places you never even thought possible. 4OVER4 has been in this printing business for the past 20 years meaning we have perfected our technology and skill to exceed your expectations and offer you quality products at mindblowing discounts.

Tips For Designing a Killer Plastic Card With Key Tag

A huge part of landing your dream job or attracting the attention of potential customers is how you present yourself to your audience. Powerful communication tools are a must. And personalized cards can exude charm and highlight your business persona. Here is a list of do's and don'ts when it comes to this must-have print product:

  • Keep It Simple
  • Get an online proof before printing
  • Make sure you have all the important information included
  • Do not combine multiple typefaces
  • Do not Make text abstract or illegible
  • Do not choose a generic design


Yes, we can! This is treated as a custom project and you would need to contact our Support Team to assist in pricing and placing this order. Please make sure to provide as much information as possible for us to be able to get back to you quickly with a detailed response.
We highly prefer print-ready PDF files, but other acceptable file types are .jpg, .tiff and .eps files. We can also accept native files from Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or Adobe Indesign. However, sending us native files can potentially hold up or complicate your order if you have missing fonts, fonts not loading properly or missing images. With the modern day ease of creating print-ready PDF files from virtually any native application, and all the positives that come along with printers using them, it's the way to go if possible.

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