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Gloss Laminated Bookmarks

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How to Order Gloss-Laminated Bookmarks

To order Gloss-Laminated Bookmarks, first choose your preferred bookmark style and size from the available options. Next, design your bookmark online with the provided tools or upload your own custom design directly onto the platform. After finalizing the design, proceed to place your order, specifying any additional requirements such as quantity and delivery preferences to complete the purchase process.

How to Make Gloss-Laminated Bookmarks

To make Gloss-Laminated Bookmarks, you can either use an online designer tool to start your design from scratch or select an existing template to work from. Alternatively, download a blank template and edit it using your preferred software to create a custom design. Once your design is complete, ensure it meets the printing requirements for gloss-laminated bookmarks before proceeding with the printing process.

Gloss Laminated Bookmarks

Get your clients to remember you long after they leave using our custom laminated bookmarks. Great for bookstores, libraries, book clubs, and libraries, these bookmarks have a beautiful way of combining traditional and modern designs. 

Mesmerizing laminated bookmarks

The first thing you will notice about our custom laminated bookmarks is their sleek glossy finish. This feature not only makes them great for your business but also gifting family and friends. 
Available in standard 2” by 6” and 2” by 8” sizes, these bookmarks can be printed on one or both sides depending on your preference. More importantly, you can use up to 4 different colors on a single side, giving you a lot of freedom when it comes to design. 
Speaking of design, we allow you to create your own design from scratch or choose from hundreds of beautiful templates- the process is quick, effective, and does not affect the price.

Tips For Designing laminated bookmarks

When it comes to laminated bookmarks custom designing is one of the best ways to go. But if you want to properly design online laminated custom bookmarks, there are a few tips you should keep in mind. These include:

  • Ensure your logo is always visible even when the bookmark is being used - it should be at the top
  • Cut down on the word count and maximize white space
  • Use color to stand out
  • Include your business contact details in the design

Tips For Designing a Killer Gloss Laminated Bookmarks

If you want to go all out with your custom bookmarks laminated design, we have some tips for you:

  • Use bold colors to make a statement
  • Ensure any included text goes well with the design
  • Ensure the layout suits the size of the bookmark 

Ultimately, the above information can help you create killer designs that also suit your business goals. If you’re looking to promote your store, it’s time to order our cool bookmarks - our reviews speak for themselves.
Remember, you can buy them in bulk and get 4OVER4 rewards coins for every purchase. This is made possible through our My Influence Rewards Program; a unique Rewards Program that allows you to earn reward coins. You can then redeem these coins for our products, services, or gift cards from other websites.  

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S. Malinowski

Jul 12 2021

I love these!
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Betsy A. Osborn

Dec 22 2020

Their feel is lovely too and they're fully customizable so they can work as great gifts to book lovers.
user avatar

D. Fontana

Dec 22 2020

Prestigious and exquisite!

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