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Metallic Postcards Printing

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How to Order Metallic Postcards

To order metallic postcards, start by choosing your preferred postcard size and finish. You can then design your postcards online or upload an already-made design through the printing service's website. Once your design is finalized, proceed to place your order. This process allows for a personalized approach to ordering, ensuring that the metallic postcards effectively represent your message or brand.

How to Make Metallic Postcards

To make metallic postcards, you can utilize an online designer tool, starting from scratch or selecting from an existing template that matches your vision. Alternatively, download a blank template and use your preferred software to edit it according to your needs. This flexible creation process allows for the incorporation of unique graphics, text, and the metallic elements that make these postcards stand out. Whether you are a beginner or have advanced design skills, these steps ensure you can produce high-quality metallic postcards.

metallic postcards

Metallic postcard printing adds shine and sparkle to your direct mail campaign. Their unforgettable appearance will impress any audience positively. Our unique printing process transforms regular CMYK colors into multi-colored foils with gradients and hues, thus creating a remarkable postcard.

Metallic Postcard Printing for Your Business

Metallic postcards are versatile and effective for several marketing operations. For example, these cards are practical for the following purposes:

Promotions and sales: Metallic postcards will help to inform customers and prospects of upcoming sales and discounts. Marketing a great offer this way will help you grow your brand awareness and boost sales. 

Event invitations and product launches: Are you launching your hotel, restaurant, or gallery business? Metallic postcards will convey the significance of your event and spur invitees to attend your product launches, grand openings, and conferences.

Therefore, Metallic postcards are ideal for the following businesses and use cases:

  • Luxury brands
  • Event planning companies
  • Real estate agencies
  • Restaurants
  • Art galleries
  • Hotels

Create Unique Impressions with Custom Metallic Postcards

You can order custom metallic postcards on 4OVER4. We offer various customizations such as postcard size, coating, and rounded corners. 

You can pick from several popular postcard sizes (inches):

  • 4 x 6
  • 4.25 x 5.5
  • 4.25 x 6
  • 4 x 9
  • 5 x 7
  • 5.5 x 8.5
  • 6 x 6
  • 6 x 9
  • 6 x 11

The high gloss UV and spot UV coating options mean your postcards shine extra. In comparison, the rounded corner customizations give your brand a friendly feel with rounded edges. 

This card is printed on a 16pt Gloss Cover with the accent available on the front only. You also have the option of our Metallic foil postcard, offered in both 16-point Silk laminated and 14-point Uncoated cover. Do bear in mind that with this metallic foil option, you're limited to a selection of seven foil colors.

If you're in search of a wider variety of paper types and colors, consider our Extreme Custom Postcards. This option provides a broader spectrum of customization possibilities, including 18 different foil colors, enabling you to design something distinctive.

Pricing and Ordering at 4OVER4.COM

You can buy Metallic postcards on 4OVER4. Simply select your customizations, and you’re ready to order. Our price calculator displays the cost. Also, you can choose the online proof option to get free proof for preview. 

Finally, upload your artwork, then input a delivery address or pickup method to finalize your order.

True, Metallic postcards require minimal extra investment, but they offer significant advantages over standard postcards due to their eye-catching appearance and professional feel. These benefits are valuable extras for your marketing.


Metallic postcards are an excellent choice for direct mail campaigns. They increase the likelihood that recipients will read your message and take action. In addition, they are lightweight and easy to mail, thus keeping your postage costs low. 

Order Metallic postcards to enhance your marketing.

Important Artwork Notice!

With Metallic accent products, also called WonderFoil, you can turn a wide range of CMYK colors into multi-colored foils. When designing a Metallic postcard, a foil mask must be created and uploaded with your full color CMYK file. The file for the metallic mask MUST ONLY be black and white.

100% Black in the areas you want the foil, and white (0%) in the areas you do not want the foil.

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Houston J.

May 09 2017

These postcards are spot on! They have everything that I asked for and they look amazing
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Drew V.

May 05 2017

These look extremely professional and they are attention grabbers. Very good job
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Tonya B.

Feb 08 2017

These are eye-catching, but not obnoxious. They look perfect!

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