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So, your special event is near. Wouldn’t it be nice to send out worthy invitation cards to commensurate your special day? Well, that’s what our new and unrivaled custom invitation card printing can do for you. 

Whether it's your wedding, your child’s birthday, an inauguration ceremony, or a business meeting, you can now come up with quick, unique, and beautiful invitation card designs with just one click! 

We’d show you what our new invitation trims gallery has made possible and also how you can place your invitation order online.

Use Your Own Style: Personalized Invitation Card

If you have used the standard invitation cards, you have probably noticed how limited the shapes are. Even when selecting from our huge template gallery, the trims are preset, so you may have to opt for a different template if you want to try other shapes. Due to this drawback, you likely spent hours sifting, looking for your ideal shapes.

All of that labor is now history. You can now pick from over 80 invitation custom shapes available in our gallery. And if you are using any of our thousands of templates, you can apply these trims to them within our design tool.  You’d instantly get a preview of what your design would look like.

Our trims can also work with your artwork. That means you don’t have to include your die lines (cut lines) when you apply our trims. That has been taken care of for you. And our printing experts will ensure your content fits well on your selected trim. Besides, you’d get free online proof of your printing for your confirmation. 


You are no longer limited to a handful of custom designs, and the burden of coming up with your unique-looking invitation card is no more.

Most Popular Types of Custom Invitations

You can group custom invitation cards by event type, orientation, or size. Here, we look at familiar events for which you’d need an invitation card and the typical dimensions of invitation cards. 

Invitation Cards by Events

  • Wedding ceremonies
  • Annual company functions
  • Inauguration ceremonies
  • Cultural festivals
  • Business meetings
  • Baby showers
  • Birthday parties

Invitation Cards by Orientation

  • Vertical (Landscape mode)
  • Horizontal (Portrait mode)

Invitation Cards by Size

  • 5” x 5”
  • 5” x 7”
  • 6” x 6”

Print Your Own Custom Invitations Online at 4over4

You can order custom invitations when you visit our custom invitations page. Choose from our gallery of over 80 well-thought-out trims. As you select any of the shapes, you’d notice the chosen trim applied to the example artwork. The top-placed trims are the most common. This placement ensures you do not scan for too long before finding your desired trim. 

Next, set your customizations, such as the size of your invitation card or printing paper. For instance, choose the 5x7 custom invitation printing if you want your printing in that size. We’d detect your preferred trim and select it. Finally, click the "Upload Files and Order Now" button. The prompt requires you to upload your artwork and choose a delivery method. 

Alternatively, use the "Create Your Design Online" link to use our easy-to-use design tool. We have embedded the trim feature in our online design tool to help you create unique invitations with ease. Hence, you can choose designs from our ready-made templates or start a design from scratch and apply your best trim. Once that’s settled, go ahead to print your own design invitations. 


We know you want to save money. We’ve provided hundreds of free templates for your designs. In addition, when you use our custom invitation printing services, you will get cheap personalized invitations. But because of the printing quality we provide, no one will believe you didn’t pay top dollar. 

If you’re yet to print your invitation cards but are almost behind schedule with sharing your card with friends or colleagues, you’d be happy to know that we offer the same-day printing service. So, place your order now.

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