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Artist Business Cards

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Artists are creative and expressive individuals who express their personality via their artwork. Their thoughts are put down in paint and canvas, pen and paper. What if they did that not only to their actual product but to also their advertisement? What a way to create a great, mind blowing first impression! Think about it, a business card that resembles one of your brand’s paintings!

Art is a very competitive field that showcases various degrees of talent. Artistic cards for your brand can be diverse and communicate levels of creativity between a pool of talented artists. Artist business-based card examples are available for customization with the exclusive 4OVER4 Design tool, making your card showcase what a fine artist you really are!


Ordering Artist Business Cards

4OVER4 boasts of a wide range of customizable templates, with the right design for artists, unique to their artwork. An artists painter or a visual artist can have their brand and talent showcased with ease by:

  • selecting an easy to understand and detailed card design, 
  • customizing it, 
  • print bulk copies at a low price or in wholesale,
  • have the order printed,
  • Delivery or pick up.


Order Printing for Artistic shapes

As creatives, artists are expected to deliver diverse and intriguing pieces of artwork. Why start off with a normal shaped card for your brand? 

Clients of an artistic brand would find it amazing to have a card communicate what the information on it is about even before reading what’s on it. 4OVER4 provides an unlimited options for custom shapes, painter visiting card, relevant to artistic brands and offers such advantages:

  • Uniqueness that sets your brand apart from those with less talent.
  • Ever growing selection of custom shapes
  • Fast printing, same day or next day delivery
  • Quality printing and cutting of accurate dimensions with the best machinery.


Get Creative with Painter Business Cards

4OVER4’s prime objective is to provide the best solution to brands and businesses in creating cards for their preferred and targeted audience. An artist painter for example, can have their cards branded with a paint-themed background. 

Getting creative with such brand advertisement options is heavily critical since you need, as a brand and business owner, to create a wow-factor and build an awesome first impression! 

Prove your competency, talent and uniqueness in product creation and delivery by just having your card different! And what way to do it other than team up with 4OVER4.


Printing Artist Visiting Cards in bulk at 4OVER4

To order and print artist visiting cards in bulk, 4OVER4 offers digital creation for design, and preview of artistic cards. For any brand or business owner that finds a preferred card from 4OVER4’s vast pool of customizable templates, use the design tool to customize. 

You will have the right to tune the card details to your preference, adding your personal details. Information added onto the card, on the design tool, will not be publicly displayed or sold or stored for future purposes but will be kept exclusive to you as a brand owner. 4OVER4 values customer satisfaction and privacy so our clients feel safe and under no threat of data leaks.
Same day or next day delivery is highly dependent on the brand owner’s needs and will be fulfilled according to your directive. What’s key is that your product is of great quality and proves to be a force in the market! What other way to have your artist business cards delivered to your client’s hands than with 4OVER4? Don't just have a name card which communicates your identity, have an artist business card that commands masses! Choose us, let’s combine creativity.

Every transaction you make will earn 4OVER4 rewards coins, which can be found in your My Influence dashboard. The My Influence Rewards Program is a unique opportunity to amass rewards coins without incurring expenses. That means when you purchase artist business cards or any other product, you earn coins. These coins can be redeemed for various options, including our products or services, 200 complimentary business cards, or even gift cards from other websites.

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Feb 08 2023

I recently had the pleasure of working with 4over4 to print my artist business cards and I couldn't be happier with the results. The process was smooth and easy, from designing my cards online to receiving the final product. The cards themselves turned out beautifully, with vibrant colors, clear text, and a premium feel.