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Change your message on the fly with Dry Erase Prints

Let’s try this, are you looking for something that is repositionable, can be changed again and again, can be used for both indoor and outdoor, and is also waterproof and UV safe? We got it; it’s called Dry Erase Print.
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Let’s try this, are you looking for something that is repositionable, can be changed again and again, can be used for both indoor and outdoor, and is also waterproof and UV safe? We got it; it’s called Dry Erase Print. You don’t have to use scraps of paper to leave notes for friends and colleagues anymore, get the fun of Dry Erase Prints that are customizable in design and can also be used both at home and work. We print them on premium quality 8 mil vinyl with low-tac adhesive which makes it easy to reposition because they are also residue-free. Dry Erase Prints are available in 4 sizes which are all customizable, they come in full color for greater visual impact, and have minimums of as low as 1 print.
dry erase prints

Dry Erase Prints for Work and for Home

Stop using scraps of paper to leave notes for friends, family and colleagues! Dry Erase Prints are the solution to piles of paper stacked on your desk or kitchen countertop. They are ideal for leaving a quick message while running out the door, posting a list of instructions or just saying "Hello". A must have for both home and office! Terrific for both the dorm room and the board room. They can be used as calendars, sports boards, menus or simply as memo boards.

At, we offer a large selection of popular sizes for both small and large spaces. Customize them with your favorite photograph, original artwork or company logo.

Our custom dry erase boards are printed on premium quality 8 mil vinyl with low-tac adhesive for easy repositioning and are residue free. To create the dry erase element, we add a 2 mil laminate clear film. Keeping them clean and looking like new is easy, simply use a dry cloth.

With minimums of just one, you can purchase Dry Erase Prints as personalized gifts for kids, teachers and grandparents. Buy in large quantities for the workplace, school or as promotional items during the holidays. As always, we offer free proofs before you pay to ensure that your order looks just as you imagined.

Whether you want 1 or 100, at we pride ourselves on producing unparalleled printing products made with premium quality materials. Our passion for printing and customer service have made us a premier online printing firm.

To learn more about this custom print tool or any of our other products, please email our knowledgeable customer support staff at Thanks for choosing!

Change Messages on the Fly

Need a versatile way to showcase your ever-changing marketing message within your retail store, restaurant or event center? Custom dry erase prints from 4OVER.COM are a structured way to communicate a message that can be changed on the fly! We permanently print your images on dry erase boards and let you write messages whenever you like. Just wipe clean and change the message with dry erase markers!

Perfect for a business meeting or to broadcast your diner's daily specials, dry erase posters can be customized with your design, a logo, calendar or chart. Printed on 8 mil low-tac repositionable vinyl, we then add a 2 mil laminate clear film. The result? A reusable canvas​ where you can easily update your messages! They are, hands down, the best signage option for industries that offer new promotions on a daily basis. Give them a try!

Top Benefits

These popular print tools have quickly become a must-have for businesses, schools, restaurants, hospitals, hotels, stores and homes. Here's why:

  • Repositionable
  • Can be updated again and again
  • Easy to clean and long-lasting
  • Can be used with a dry erase marker
  • Can be used for indoor and outdoor applications, as the material is waterproof and UV safe

Versatile Print Medium

The uses for this versatile print medium are endless. We've come up with a few ideas for inspiration:

  • Hospital Charts - Track patient reports and nursing assignments by printing charts on dry erase posters.
  • Sales/Leads Charts - To keep yourself, colleagues and staff members motivated tack sales goals and results.
  • Branded Logo Boards - Advertise daily sales and deals featuring your logo. New product? Let it be known!
  • Calendar Boards - Document department deadlines or employee schedules.
  • Daily Specials Boards - Own a restaurant or cafe? Update your daily specials. Feature your soups in winter or salad specials in summer.
  • School Boards - Invite students to solve math problems or fill in vocabulary words. For kids, learning is made easier with visualization.
  • Sports Boards - Demonstrate team strategies featuring imprints of athletic fields and courts. Just mount it on the wall in the locker room.
  • Trade Show Signs - Upcoming trade show, convention or exhibit? Make show-specific announcements to your audience with dry erase printing!
  • Home Boards - Stay organized! Keep your schedule, grocery or To-Do lists in plain sight at all times.

Fun Facts

Posters have a long history in our world. Ever wondered where they originated from and why? Wonder no more!These facts will amaze you!

  • Did You Know, according to Encyclopedia Britannica, posters have been used since the Elizabethan era, primarily for advertising and announcements? Back then, textual posters made citizens aware of government proclamations and advertised the plays of Shakespeare. WOW!
  • Did You Know, according to Encyclopedia Britannica,a different type of poster emerged in 1860? Thanks to the invention of lithography, radiantly colored posters were produced. These posters dominated displays in Paris for years!
  • Did You Know, according to Encyclopedia Britannica, French printmaker Toulouse-Lautrec produced Moulin Rouge, his extraordinary first poster, in 1891? This instantly elevated the status of the poster to fine art and touched off a craze all over Europe.

Make an Impact

Custom dry erase prints designed by YOU should be your next investment. They keep people in the know with ever-changing information. Whether you're a business owner looking to get the word out about seasonal sales, a teacher trying to create an interactive classroom or a restaurant owner looking to announce the day's specials, make an impact by choosing from 4OVER4.COM's extensive customization options listed below:

  • Printed on 8 mil low-tac repositionable vinyl, and an addition of a 2 mil dry erase clear film.
  • Available in 4 popular sizes in addition to custom sizes.
  • Full color printing available for greater visual impact.
  • Minimums as low as 1 print.
  • Free online proofs to ensure 100% satisfaction.

Items that Deliver

With our fast turnarounds, low minimums and unmatched attention to detail, we're the one-stop shop for all your dry erase printing needs. We're devoted to creating dynamic prints that spark conversation. Once you've built your order on our Instant Price Calculator and uploaded your design file, we'll review it and send you a free online proof. Once approved, we'll send your project to print.

Tight deadline? Take advantage of our fast turnaround times - choose between same day to 4 business days to get your order as soon as you need it. You'll get dry erase posters that you'll love in no time!

Ready to place your order? First, take a look at the comparison chart featured below to get a glimpse at some of our other popular products.

Dry Erase Prints Dry Erase Pvc Boards Dry Erase Magnets
Size 4 standard sizes and custom sizes From 8" x 8" to 46" x 38" From 6" x 6" to 24" x 60"

Material Dry Erase Face/ Adhesive Vinyl Backer PVC Rigid Plastic with Dry Erase lamination 30mil Magnet with Dry Erase Lamination

Turnaround Time 0 to 4 business days 4 business days 0 to 4 business days

Min and Max Quantity 1 to 100 1 to 100 1 to 100

Ready to transform the way you and your business communicate? Reap the benefits of custom dry erase prints from the experts here at 4OVER4.COM! Order yours today!


Below find answers to some frequently asked questions:

1. What are these posters made of?

Our dry erase prints are made out of Dry Erase Face and Adhesive Vinyl Backer.

2. What kind of images can I get printed on my poster?

We can print anything from logos to maps to charts! The sky's the limit! Just upload your design file via our Instant Price Calculator.

3. What are the standard poster sizes?

We offer 4 standard sizes:

  • 12" x 18"
  • 18" x 26"
  • 36" x 52"
  • 48" x 72"

4. I need a custom size. Do you do that?

Yes, we can print in just about any size. Simply give us your dimensions via our Instant Price Calculator!

5. Can I receive proofs?

Yes, we provide free online proofs. Please bear in mind that computer monitors may reflect a variance in color.

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Dec 20 2019

We absolutely love our dry erase prints from 4over4. I have tried a few other companies but the quality from 4over4 is always consistent. We are using them as menus and we really like that we can easily change up the specials without ordering a new print. Plus amazing customer service to ensure our design was perfect. We shall definitely be back to order more.
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Rachel A.

Dec 20 2019

I honestly didn't know what to expect as this was my first time ordering dry erase prints. It was pretty easy placing my order but I did have a few struggles saving the design in the right format. The customer support team is super helpful and patient and I managed to upload my design.I was quite nervous as I opened the box but there was nothing to worry about. They look even better than the images and the students really enjoy using them. Good job!
user avatar


Nov 07 2019

The dry erase prints have really helped us our at home. We use it to list down the chore schedule and this has helped keep us organised. Thanks, 4over4.

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