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Ultra-Thick Business Cards

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You may have held business cards with substantial weight and thickness. Did it influence your perception of the card owner? Clients often think highly of brands that invest in their cards and overall image. Hence, Ultra Thick business cards help to make a favorable impression over weightless alternatives. 

Benefits of Ultra-Thick Business Cards

With a starting 32pt width, Ultra Thick cards are 2 - 5 times thicker than regular cards. These cards have the following benefits: 
Durability: Thick cards are durable and less likely to get damaged.

Professionalism: They convey a professional brand image.

Memorable: Potential clients will likely remember and refer to your offer. 

Prestige Collection Format

You can choose from various print formats when ordering our Ultra Thick or prestige cards. These formats include: 

  • Size, 
  • Paper type/thickness, and
  • Color seam. 

Pick from popular business card sizes, or choose a custom size to meet your specific needs. In addition, you can select your desired width and type:

  • 32pt, 48pt, 64pt, 80pt Ultra White Uncoated
  • 40pt, 56pt, 72 pt Gloss Cover
  • 26pt Metallic Pearl Ice

Get Ultra-Thick Business Cards at 4OVER4

It’s straightforward to order Ultra Thick business cards on 4OVER4. Simply select your card’s size, quantity, paper type, and other customizations.

Next, upload your card’s artwork, then input your delivery address or pick-up method. 

Remember to check out our free business card maker tool online. The tool uses a drag-and-drop interface and features free photos and business card templates. So anyone can design for free. 
Ultra Thick cards will give your message and offers the weight they deserve. So start making an impact with these prestigious cards!


Important Artwork Notice!

Multiple Sets are Available! For 2+ Employees, order multiple sets of your Premium Prestige Business Cards personalizing just what you need, like a name or date.

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Product Reviews


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Dec 03 2019

Tried this site out for the first time and placed an order for the prestige business cards. I was a bit nervous as it was my first time but I had read good reviews that gave me the confidence to place my order. So glad I made the decision, as they turned out absolutely fantastic! The double seam seems so small but makes a big difference.I am really impressed! I need more cards in several other designs and will definitely use this company again! Thank you, 4over4.
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Nov 21 2019

We absolutely love the prestige business cards that we got from 4over4. They are attractive; they are on quality paper stock, and they arrived at my home in a timely manner. The whole process was stress-free and the customer support team always pick up their calls and are knowledgeable about the products. We were able to get a custom size at a good price and I would definitely recommend them
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Nov 29 2019

There's not much more that I can say. Everything was so easy and the process was so fast! I just recommend your company to all my family and friends.

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