Any Shape Size Paper Custom Die Cut Printing Online

Die-cut printing isn't new. But smart business owners today are leveraging the effectiveness of custom die-cut paper for printing in any shape and size. 

Business cards, hand tags, party invitation cards, stickers, labels, and postcards can be printed in whatever shape or size you want them in.

If you desire die-cuts for your printing, be assured of the quality you'd get. With the new technology, cutting blades are adjusted to the particular shape that you want to print. And the sharp precision of the blades ensures your printing is neatly done, even on papers as small as 2 x 2 inches and those as large as 11 x 11 inches.

Make effective use of custom die cut paper in your business

You can order custom paper die-cuts printing from in the shape and size you want. There are over 50 different paper types and surfaces to help you achieve any finish you have in mind. 

Important details when ordering die cut paper

When ordering your custom cut paper from, note that your printing can be in any custom die-cut paper shape and size. So, you may not see your desired printing size in our Instant Price Calculator tool. But have no worries. Simply select the maximum width and height of your replica (in inches). Then, choose a size that edges those values a bit. 

For example, if your project's dimension is 3.2" x 3.5", you'd select a 4” x 4” paper size which allows us to cut your card comfortably without losing surface space.

Additionally, you want to request free online proof for your printings. That way, printing is only done upon your inspection and approval of the proof.

On our website, you can make bulk orders of your favorite items or make new orders to replenish your exhausting supplies. Printing takes 1 - 5 days, and you won't have to worry about a lag if your orders are made on time.

Die-cut paper shapes

There's no limit to the die-cuts shapes you can print. So, whether it's a heart-shaped greeting card made for a loved one on a holiday, or you want to print in the shape of particular emblems or products relevant to your industry, you're only restricted by your imagination.

Shape cut in the form of fruits, animals, houses, cars, and other objects are common. Can you see how this can help your business stand out in your specific industry?

Imagine handing over a car-themed business card to a prospect who wants to know more about your car sales or rental business. Or picture yourself handing out a house-themed invitation card to your prospects for a physical real estate seminar you are organizing. You've made your prospect pay closer attention to you, and they are more inclined to buy from you.

There's no limit to the closeness you can engender with loved ones when you send them a personalized, custom-shaped postcard or gifts with a custom-shaped hand tag.

Custom die-cut shapes like the triangle, octagon, and star, can be printed as well. If your logo is a unique shape, your printed cards can take the shape of that logo. This will only solidify your business identity and consolidate your marketing efforts.

Available Paper Types

On, you can pick from over 50 different paper types. Of course, your choice will depend on your budget and the kind of finish you have in mind. In addition, you can get a live estimate of what your custom die-cut printing will cost from our Instant Price Calculator tool.

Tips For Designing die cut paper

Here are useful tips to keep in mind when designing for custom die-cut printing:

- Don't limit your design to the basic shapes
Squares, rectangles, circles, and oval are all standard die-cut shapes. However, they don't capture the actual utility of die-cut printing. You'd need to go a bit extra to distinguish your brand with a unique shape.

- Keep the design simple
A die-cut printing is already prominent. Because of this, using overly pronounced design elements may not serve you. When it comes to custom paper cutting, less is more.

- Pick appropriate fonts and font sizes
Ensure that the text is readable even from a distance. Pick 2 - 3 contrasting fonts to help readability. Make good use of white spaces and avoid cramming your texts. 

You can see sample die cut printings on We also have design templates you can work with for your ease.

Expect that the popularity of die-cut printing will skyrocket in the years to come. Be among the smart business owners that are already drawing attention to their brands with this effortless branding and marketing strategy.

Want any shape any size die-cut printing? Reach out. Let's help put your business in the spotlight where it belongs. 

Important Artwork Notice!

Custom Any Shape File Guidelines: A Custom Shape File must be created as a vector and saved as either an EPS or PDF. Custom Shape File must represent the cut line. Custom Shape File must be only in 100% black, either 0.5pt or 1pt thick. Thin lines and small shapes are not recommended for custom-shaped projects. Bleed for the Custom Shaped Die-Cut projects must be 0.125" from the cut line on all sides. Choose the size that best fits your needs and upload the CMYK file(s) as well as the Cut Shape File.


How to Pick the Right Size for Your Project: You must select the available size that fits both dimensions of your any shape project. If your project is 2.75" X 3.5",  the correct size to select is 4" x 4"; it's the smallest available size that will allow us to fit and cut your print job to size comfortably, without losing design details, quality or surface space.

Available Paper Types:

  • 14pt Gloss Cover
  • 15pt Cover, Gloss 1 Side (30% PCW)
  • 16pt Gloss Cover
  • 80# Gloss Cover
  • 100# Silk/Matte Cover
  • 14pt Uncoated Cover (30% PCW)
  • 14pt Cream Uncoated Cover (30% PCW)
  • 16pt Uncoated Cover
  • 16pt Uncoated with Soft Touch
  • 18pt Uncoated Cover
  • 18pt Cream Uncoated Cover
  • 18pt Kraft Uncoated Cover (100% PCW)

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  • So many sizes and finishes available including linen and metallic pearl

    "So many sizes and finishes available including linen and metallic pearl; branding just got a whole lot easier! Something is available for every need imaginable and this makes customization a lot of fun."


    Ellen K. Pulliam Dec 22 2020

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  • They look so preetty and unique.

    "They look so preetty and unique."


    Jena R. Dec 22 2020

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  • These cards express limitless imagination without boundaries.

    "Creating shapes that don't follow any regular dimensions but represent a business passion is a sure way to create a memorable impression."


    Micaela A. Davis Dec 22 2020

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Round, hexagon, triangle, love, square, leaf, cat silhouette, dress, pentagon, and so on and so forth; practically any shape you fancy, you can get. If you are trying to get seriously unique with your business cards, then this has to be an option that you have considered at some point. Different paper types are available depending on the inap feel you want your cards to have, and our perfect die-cutting technique is bound to take any design you have in mind, and put it in your hands. From gloss covers to Kraft uncoated covers and uncoated with soft touch, the options available are endless. We will work with you to achieve your goal because with 20 years of experience, you know we can walk the talk.

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