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Hologram Sticker Roll

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A hologram sticker roll helps you create professional consistency on your products or packaging. They can be used on bags, jars, bottles, boxes, and more. Holographic roll labels may also be used to deter product counterfeiting when applied. Since these stickers are difficult to replicate, they help authenticate or secure your product. 

Also, holographic stickers are attractive and catch the customer's eye due to their unique shine. These sticker rolls are a convenient and cost-effective branding solution. 

Why Are Hologram Sticker Rolls Special?

Hologram sticker rolls are unique for several reasons. They are helpful for:

Security labels: The void hologram printed labels help prevent tampering or counterfeiting. So they recover profit from imitators and boost customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. 

Branding: They help you achieve a consistent and visually appealing look. This helps create a memorable experience for customers. 

Product and Package labels: These are used to label consumer items and packages such as food, cosmetics, boxes, and more. Sometimes, these labels showcase a sale, indicate composition, or denote improvement. 

Event tickets: They have a pass for sporting events and concerts when you print these stickers on tickets. The stickers help authenticate the tickets. 

Identification cards: They can serve as identification for students, employees, and individuals. 

Overall, holographic sticker rolls are a versatile, cost-effective branding and product security solution. 

Customization Options

There are several customization options for the hologram sticker roll. These options include:

  • Size
  • Shape
  • Quantity
  • Effect type
  • Lamination
  • Applied by
  • Applied to

You can choose the size and shape of your stickers. You save money when you buy in bulk quantities. Alternatively, you can order low quantities depending on your requirement. 

Also, you can select the holographic effect you’d like to apply. Choose from:

  • Rainbow foil
  • Sparkle foil
  • Cracked ice foil
  • Void foil
  • Faceted spin foil
  • Hyperplaid foil

Lamination improves sticker durability. So consider laminating your stickers if you’d use them outdoors. That will ensure these stickers remain presentable for the life of your product.

Finally, choose whether to apply the stickers by hand or a sticker dispenser machine. Also, choose the application surface as well. Some listed surfaces include paper, plastic, wood, glass, metal, frozen product, etc. 

Helpful Tips Before Ordering Hologram Sticker Roll on 4OVER4

Here are helpful tips to consider when you order a hologram sticker roll:

Determine the size and quantity of stickers you need: Hologram stickers are available in various sizes, from small labels to large rolls. Consider the size of the stickers you need and the number of stickers you will order.

Determine the purpose: Hologram stickers are versatile and can serve branding, security, or decoration purposes. This purpose will help you design the appropriate sticker for your need.

Consider your product or packaging surface: We print with different materials and adhesives based on how you'd use the stickers. So select the right surface for your stickers.

Choose the right material for your stickers: Hologram stickers are available in various materials, including White Gloss, White BOPP, and more. Choose a material that is durable and suitable for your intended use.

Request online proof: You can request free proof on 4OVER4. A proof is a preview of your print. Also, you can make last-minute changes and print when you're satisfied. 


You must choose a reputable manufacturer when ordering custom hologram sticker rolls. 4OVER4 is a leading online print service in NYC with over 20 years of experience. Also, you can choose from several available customizations, so your stickers are how you want them. 

Our price calculator reveals the cost of your order so you can stick to a budget. Overall, we offer excellent quality, friendly prices, and convenient delivery. 

Hologram sticker rolls are the answer to a cost-effective but versatile branding method. Make your order today. 

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