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Velvet Laminated Trading Cards

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How to Order Velvet-Laminated Trading Cards

To order velvet-laminated trading cards, start by choosing your preferred card specifications, such as size, quantity, and the finish type which would be velvet lamination in this case. Next, either design your trading cards online using the provided tools or upload your existing card design directly to the printing company's website. After finalizing your design, proceed to place your order, ensuring you review all details for accuracy before submission.

How to Make Velvet-Laminated Trading Cards

To make velvet-laminated trading cards, begin with an online designer, choosing to either start from scratch or select an existing template to modify. Alternatively, you can download a blank template and use your preferred software to create your design. Ensure your design matches the specific requirements for printing, such as dimensions and resolution. Once your design is ready, you can take it to a professional printer for velvet lamination and finalize your unique trading cards.

velvet laminated trading cards

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Duane T. Orr

Dec 22 2020

Class and sophistication simply ooze from these. They look so good!
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Holly R.

Dec 22 2020

Nothing short of classy and majestic.
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Jennifer L. Forbes

Dec 22 2020

Velvet really looks good on these trading cards. Genious addition from what people are used to.

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