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Cleaning Services Business Cards

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Cleaning services, as a business, definitely has to have an appealing business card. Did you know that colors and fonts greatly influence purchase options on tags and card relevant for advertising your brand?

As a brand owner, you are subject to knowing the essence of holding a great reputation with your clients. It is not only important to have existing customers retained, but also essential to have new ones too. As a brand owner, ascertain that your cleaning business has a great card. How? Read on.


Polish your brand image with a cleaning business card

There exists no greater feedback on a finished task than being called to do it again. With a custom card, you as a cleaning brand owner can scale up your chances of this happening more than once. 

After completion of cleaning jobs, hand your clients well designed, custom, house cleaning business cards. This can be your brand’s signature to your work and by this, we at 4OVER4 have made the process of design easy because we know you’re packed with clients. We pay attention to the following so as to make sure a great impression is not only made by your work but also cards.


Cleaning Business Cards Kept Simple

In the designing of a cleaning company business card, there exists a fine line between having too little or too much detail. One image or your brand’s logo will do the trick. Contact information, brand name and a catchy phrase are enough to kick your card out of the ‘crowded’ list. Your card represents your brand, therefore make sure it’s simple & clean and you’ll notice and witness better results, as far as your sales are concerned.


Details on Cleaning Business Cards 

Always incorporate the name of your brand on your card. Most professionals in the cleaning industry sometimes like to also add their website’s link, phone number & email address.

Others have their physical address off their housekeeping cards since the majority of their services are out in the field. 

They also, and you can choose too, to have a reminder for appointments at the back of the card.  This is a perfect way to easily develop a dual-service-purpose marketing product!


Create Your Own Cleaning Services Cards

In the creation of brand cards for your cleaning service, make sure to use the following:


Whitespace on your cleaning business cards.

White space or negative space on your card leaves areas blank and draws the viewer’s eye to the parts of the card that do have information. So as to achieve the correct balance, include only the most relevant and important images and details.



Prospective clients should find it easy in finding your name and reading through the card. Some of the important details they shouldn’t miss are; business name, email address & a phone number. 

An uncluttered and clean card in the service industry goes a long way in this particular industry. Making use of an improper font creates a perception (for a cleaning lady as an example)that if your brand can’t have a clean card, how will my space under your watch and service be clean?

Did you know it takes only seconds to make an impression of your brand or business to your potential client? Having the wrong font will turn off the client, making them pay no attention to your card.

If a card isn’t clean in design, what’ll build trust that your business will do a good house cleaning job? None!


Printing Cleaning Business Cards in bulk at 4OVER4

We take pride in helping small and large businesses achieve their goals. That is why we have customizable templates as options or a sample for your cleaning business or brand. This is from as low as 100 to as high as 25,000 prints.
To order your stunning cards, go to our website and make your selection on our user-friendly Instant Price Calculator. Our printing professionals will send you a free review, and after approval, production begins.

So if you are a cleaning service brand, you want your customers to remember you and be impressed with your work. A well-designed, custom business card can help you do that. With 4OVER4, you can get the perfect card for your business quickly and easily. Our designers will help you create the perfect card that reflects your brand, and our Instant Price Calculator will help you get the most out of your budget. With our help, you can make sure your customers are always impressed with your services.

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Feb 08 2023

I would highly recommend 4over4 to anyone looking for a high-quality printing company that delivers exceptional results. Their customer service is exceptional, their prices are reasonable, and the final product is truly outstanding.