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raised foil greeting cards

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How to Order Raised-Foil Greeting Cards

To order raised-foil greeting cards, first choose your preferred card type and size. You can then design your greeting cards directly online through the printer's design tool or upload your own pre-made design. After finalizing the design, proceed to place your order, selecting the quantity and any specific delivery requirements. This process ensures a customizable and user-friendly way to create luxurious greeting cards that stand out.

How to Make Raised-Foil Greeting Cards

Making raised-foil greeting cards begins with selecting a design approach: use an online designer and start from scratch or choose an existing template to work from. Alternatively, download a blank template and edit it using your preferred software, like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, to incorporate the specific elements of raised foil. This method allows for a high level of customization, ensuring your greeting cards are both personal and professional, with that unique touch of elegance that raised foil provides.

raised foil greeting cards

Shiny Raised Foil Greeting Cards in Silver and Gold


Sophisticated, shiny and fun! Raised foil greeting cards are the holiday favorite, whether you're giving a tinsel-touch to your design or setting the tone for a glammed-out season breaker, nothing says quality and luxury like silver and gold. True artistry goes into each of our raised foil prints, which are scuff resistant and made with 16-point stock as a base, and with a 1.5mil soft velvet.

The raised foil sits a full 60 microns above the surface of the paper, creating an amazing tactile experience where you can feel the foil as you run your fingers over the card. We add a 19mil your raised foil in silver or gold that makes the print durable and extra resistant.

Use greeting cards to connect with clients and consumers, send reminders of the passing seasons, greet the holidays, make personalized notes for employees and brighten the day of a relative, with low minimums and a beautiful choice of gold or silver you can make as many sets or runs as you wish with lovely accents or bold patterns.

Not sure if custom printed raised foil greeting cards are for you? Talk to one of our representatives via live chat or calling 718 - 932 - 2700. If you don't see what you're looking for then get a custom project clicking on the menu tab or emailing, we will do our best to accommodate you! Thank you for choosing 4OVER4.COM

Important Artwork Notice!

For better results, please make sure that foil coverage is less than 50%. Otherwise, the foil will be wavy and won't look good. The only time a 50% to 70% coverage is acceptable is with patterns, thin strokes or small shapes. The raised foil file must be a vector art created in a vector based program such as illustrator. Otherwise you won't have sharp edges on the artwork if you use a raster image for the raised foil mask file. We do not recommend having fonts smaller than 10 pt on the Raised Foil Artwork. However if you use fonts with thicker strokes or bold fonts, we do not recommend having fonts smaller than 12pt.

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Oct 25 2019

I have been ordering from 4over4 for several years
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Oct 26 2019

Good job
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Tracy P

Oct 27 2019

We can't wait to send them out

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